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T3 Players


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Do you really want me to list tier 3?


I mean really?


Wow this is going to be so BM.


Here is the list:




















1) Crazysoldier

2) Awesomeclock

3) Lightzout

4) Feedrator (whenever highdrater temporarily changes his name in certain games, especially with DARPA)

5) Ragetits (see #4 except this is whaletits rage case)

6) Double D


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tier 3 are those level of finalend, darkpally, marche


y yall scared of listing the names? all personal preference is not like is a bad thing.. i hate being listed too high and always get picked first, and end up losing cuz they thought im tier 1.

this, especially when you just return from not having played any moba games for serveral months. Think I lost 80% of my games upon my return due to being picked way to early, talk about being overrated.

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Not sure why u would rank Marshe alongside darkpally or finalend, lol. He should be listed in Tier 2 in my opinion. Better understanding of the game than most of the people you listed in that other thread, anyway, and rather selfless player.


But yeah @John you are just owerrated kause u will always be #1 in these guys hearts. You are the maestro.

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