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picking up girls SC2 style


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Only if you aren't Korean. http://www.spiegel.de/international/spiegel/the-boys-with-the-flying-fingers-south-korea-turns-pc-gaming-into-a-spectator-sport-a-399476.html


It's Friday night in the South Korean capital, Seoul. Lim steps out of a minibus in an underground parking garage. His chauffeur has brought him here and his trainer is waiting, but he isn't alone. Because the bodyguards are off today, a dozen girls have pushed their way forward to the celebrity entrance at the CoEx Shopping Center. Some are beaming with joy, some are whimpering and some are simply ecstatic. But Lim hardly looks at them, passing another group of female fans as he walks into the building. Without so much as signing an autograph, he disappears into the wardrobe room, where he's met by a makeup artist and his manager, the press, a bunch of technicians and enthusiastic helpers whose only job is to make sure Lim is kept happy.


Lim, 25, has rocketed to living legend status in South Korea. Practically everyone between the ages of 12 and 30 knows who he is, and he's recognized on the street throughout the country. Lim's Internet fan club, just a few years old, recently welcomed its 600,000th member. Tens of thousands of boys desperately want to be just like Lim, and every night tens of thousands of girls go to bed with images of Lim in their heads.

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