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New player help. Omega.Starscream


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Im quite a new player, about 20 or so games under my belt.


ive been trying to play new characters all the time, find one that matches.


omega starscream looks like alot of fun, and as im going to bed, I thought I would make this thread.


What items should I get?


Stats that are important?



How does one play Omega.Starscream?



Thank you for the help!


edit: If I got something to upgrade spell dmg instead of str... this would be good right?


I was thnking play a high dmg assasin with gear with intelligence. Go flight mode and use your ulti then the carpet bomb. Major dmg I was thinking.

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This should go to the Character guide. Data base is where you place information on a hero. [or item]


So, Database is more of Facts [As in the amount of damage a hero does and scaling] while Character Guide = How to play or teach how to play.


So there really shouldn't be a topic posted on a question or opinion in the database. Now under the comment to reply, that is fine :)

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