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Daggoth's Games and JA's Tourneys


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CONGRATS TO TEAM SCROOBLE for their hard efforts into winning the tournament!


Members of Team Scrooble


CrazySoldier - Props for constantly hitting enemies with Grunty Rockets.

Whalet*** - Great support & carry player.

highdrater - Everyone should ban Boros when he's in the game.

Quidditch - Well rounded player.

divinesashi - One of the fearsome Pubsters out there playing Drake/Tass.


The Winners above will receive a Golden Title, $50, and a digital copy of Heart of the Swarm! Titles will be implemented in the next major patch, which will include a new hero (Old LZ?) and potentially new items.


Tourney Info: http://www.aeonofsto...daggoths-games/


Tourney Replays: http://www.aeonofsto...-games-replays/






Regarding JustAfrican's Tournament:


There were many arguments and backlashes that led to JustAfrican's farewell, which I'm very upset to hear. The poor treatment by members of the AoS community morphed his enjoyment of running tournaments into nothing but a haunted memory. "Disheartening," was what JustAfrican said when he was setting up matches for the tourney. As much as we would like to accept requests to make games more fair, please realize the limits and the amount of trouble that we have to go through, especially when the stakes of what you're trying to win aren't even high.


JustAfrican spent a great deal of time initiating & hosting this tournament voluntarily, and I can't thank him enough for being strongly passionate about it. He had high hopes for the community, so he willfully spent over $1000 on AoS events to help it grow, yet little to no gratitude was given--his events were taken for granted. I know a lot of you (including me) really wanted to win the tournament and become the next AoS Stars, but I implore you all to take a moment and think what's more important here: Playing to win the prize? Or playing to have fun together? For a small community like ours, the answer is very clear.



Should Tournaments continue in the future, a Zero Tolerance system will be implemented to avoid conflicts and abuses. I hope you all learned something valuable. Thank you to those who supported and participated in the tournament. Thank you for playing.

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As for my team the answer is obvious :D play for fun, we all donated our prize winnings to you and Ecko !!! to help support this game and community


its sad that african is leaving i dont think any one has the patients to organize a tourney like him, He is one of the more valuable members of the community.


As some one said in a previous post ,


"This tournament really was an end of an era"

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Mobas have always the same problems.


Communities are full of bad behaviour and unrespect and I am not only speaking about when someone is playing.

Though that's not all and there are nice ppl too, irritable attittudes burns players as persons.


I join mumble and I like most of the time, regardless of some people insulting me (I didn't answer them there and I won't do it here. I understand that's the way they are happy and I respect them).


By other hand, we have "captains" speaking all the time, even when you are concentrated in battle, where you don't know if pay attenttion on battle or in that flobing attention whore.


We should care about who is doing this game great amd funny:


Rng Red Wrath streamers, admins, moderators, videopublishers, organizers, maximum posters, keeping game channels everyday, and community in general, but if one piece of puzle has gone(even me) we have to continue in the right path,



Zero tolerance helps.

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Congratz to the winning team and good job to all of the participants.


Sad to see JustSAfrican leave =( Thank you for your services and I'm sorry your work went unappreciated for this tournament!


Here I thought the ragers were starting to dwindle too...


You can't expect much from a competitive internet community though, hope you can roll with the punches and come back though JustSAfrican!

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