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Item Combiner OR Later game items


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It would be awesome if items that are considered late game could be combined with other items to make very late game items. I've been in several games that lasted well over an hour, and a few that lasted over two hours. It would be nice to have more options.


An item that cost say 5k that could combine two items would be fun, allowing only one unique to be chosen.

OR an item that cost 7.5-10k could combine two items allowing both unique's to remain.'



Alternatively, we could sit around and design more items that cost like 7.5-15k or have costs final costs similar to that.


I know most people don't enjoy long games, but some games end up where both teams have tons of money and nothing to do with it except buy consumable potions.


Food for thought.

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Yeah, lets add more items! and more potential for fed players to get ahead! Lets also make shadow immune to all damage in his ultimate and make it last longer! No new items are needed until there is another patch of more options in the current state, now, you can build the same way every game, and on different heroes, if you want to add more items, have an item that would almost work best for a select few heroes and have at least one to benefit certain people, because now, most items are good on most people, with a few exceptions.


We really need more items, but not those that would benefit those that can rush these items.

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Super late game only exists in pubs, where you get feeders and leavers ruining the game anyway. Usually carries are super strong in pubs as is, so I think this plan might really backfire. Its not that I dont like the idea of more items (higher tier), but I agree with the sorta unsaid 5000 mins cap on items to keep things from getting out of hand.

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