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[Hero] Scorching.Messiah


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Hero: Scorching.Messiah


Affiliation: Chaotic Good


Role: Caster/Nuker/Carry


Portrait: Karass


The Messiah was born as a result of the Protoss' defeat against the hybrids. His mind was infused with the fallen Protoss leaders including Tassadar in hopes that he would unite the remaining Protoss Tribes and keep their race alive. The Messiah has struck fear into the heart of the Hybrid and Terran race. Most minds cannot withstand the sheer force his mind for it is the combined strength of the strongest Protoss leaders. His capabilities have shown no limits. Enemies of the Protoss know only that he uses fire as his weapon because his heart burns with the rage of every fallen Protoss warrior.


Strength - 27 + 5 Gained Per Level

Agility - 20 + 3 Gained Per Level

Intelligence - 40 + 7 Gained Per Level


Attack Range: 5.5

Movement Speed: 2.8






Heroic Passive: Fallen Rage


Furious because of so many of his people dying, The Messiah vowed that no enemy will slaughter one of his brothers or sisters unscathed. He blessed the remaining Protoss with a spell of his. When an enemy assaults a Protoss they will instantly feel The Messiahs burning rage.


When an allied hero or Messiah himself is attacked by physical or spell damage the attacker will be ignited dealing 20 + (10x the heroes level) in spell damage.




[Q] Passion:


The Messiah releases his passion for his race in a massive exort of flame in front of him. (AoE)

Mana Cost: 125/150/175/200

Cooldown: 16/14/12/10


Level 1 - Deals 100 (50% INT) spell damage.

Level 2 - Deals 180 (50% INT) spell damage.

Level 3 - Deals 260 (50% INT) spell damage.

Level 4 - Deals 320 (50% INT) spell damage.


[W] Hatred:


The Messiah releases his hate for his enemies in a single burst of flame. (Single Target)

Mana Cost: 100/125/150/175

Cooldown: 12/12/12/12


Level 1 - Deals 80 (40% INT) spell damage. Stuns for 1 second.

Level 2 - Deals 140 (40% INT) spell damage. Stuns for 1.5 seconds.

Level 3 - Deals 200 (40% INT) spell damage. Stuns for 2 seconds.

Level 4 - Deals 260 (40% INT) spell damage. Stuns for 2.5 seconds.

[E] Scorched Earth:


The Messiah ignites the Earth around him in a 9 unit radius. (AoE)

Mana Cost: 25/35/45/55

Cooldown: Toggle ability. 20 second cooldown when toggled off.

Duration: 5 seconds


Level 1 - 2% of Targets Current Health.

Level 2 - 3% of Targets Current Health.

Level 3 - 4% of Targets Current Health.

Level 4 - 5% of Targets Current Health.




Drawing in the power of the Sun itself, The Messiah releases a massive burst of solar energy that is so powerful that it shouldn't even have INT scaling.

Mana Cost: 100% of Current Mana. Must have 300/400/500 to start the skill. 50% Max Health.

Cooldown: 240 seconds (4 minutes)

Cast time: 7 seconds

Range: Global


Level 1 - Deals 200 True damage within 9 units of Messiah. Deals 400 spell damage to targets 10 units away and beyond decreasing by 50 spell damage every 10 units. Damage reduction stops at 100 (30% INT).

Level 2 - Deals 300 True damage within 9 units of Messiah. Deals 800 spell damage to targets 10 units away and beyond decreasing by 100 spell damage every 10 units. Damage reduction stops at 200 (30% INT).

Level 3 - Deals 400 True damage within 9 units of Messiah. Deals 1200 spell damage to targets 10 units away and beyond decreasing by 150 spell damage every 10 units. Damage reduction stops at 300 (30% INT.)


In addition to the damage, any hero that falls 10% of their max hp or lower from this spell instantly dies.








I have been trying to think of a hero that can actually carry games as a caster. I'm tired of AA heroes being dominate late game.


Messiah has excellent nuking power and with his E tanks actually see him as a threat.


Messiah's Q is much like Shadow's Q except it has a bit more range.


Messiah's W is an instant single target nuke ability.


Messiah's E is an AoE skill that should be used in the beginning of the team fight for maximum damage since the lower the enemies hp is the less damage Scorched Earth deals.


Messiah's R is really the most exciting thing about this hero. It makes him unique from any other hero. I realize that it is an insanely powerful skill, but the costs of the skill are very great. Unlike his E this skill should be used towards the end of the team fight to ensure at least a few kills.


If he does not have 50% of his max hp or 300/400/500 mana this skill cannot be casted. In addition if he is at 50% hp exactly he will kill himself.


This skill completely drains his mana pool leaving him low health and no mana for his skills.


He will be standing still and start to glow bright when he starts to cast SUPERNOVA.


He is the main priority in any team fight. Simply because if he gets off his ultimate your team will almost guarantee lose that fight. Focus and use all CC on him.


Hopefully if this hero gets implemented the explosion will expand from him in a white/red light and eventually fill the entire map with a bright white/red light. And the expanding light should be fast.





- Reduced W damage and scaling and added a stun.

- Buffed Scorched Earth. Mana per second is reduced. Now 25/35/45/55 down from 75/75/150/150

- Increases damage reduced for SUPERNOVA level 3 by 150. Up from 100.

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Um wow. His ulti is pretty much a global nuke that deals at leadt 300 damage. It'd spread across the entire map before its damage gets reduced to 300 at level 16. In a teamfight, it's pretty much a "kill all non-full hp INT and AGI button" when the enemies are in a slightly closer proximity.


The damage for Q and W is insane. It's 50% more than ordinary abilities, possesses slightly higher scaling, and has absolutely no drawbacks such as cast time or beig a skillshot.


Given the other skills, E is surprisingly UP. The energy cost is insanely high, making it completely unviable to use until late game when you have a huge energy pool. Despite the ridiculous energy cost, the damage is deals is rather pathetic. At level 4, the maximum possible damage(100% hp, no spell resist) it can do is 23% of an enemy's max hp. Tosh's E surpasses that easily, for only a fraction of the cost.


And no, E and R aren't that interesting either. Sure it's never been done before, but it's just simply recycling old concepts and adding them together.

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I might change around Q and W.. Maybe make W another aoe type move?


Remember this is a nuking carry hero.


The thing I like the most is that he needs to be focused. It is going to require teamwork to kill him in a team fight. One small mistake and you could cost yourselves the team fight when playing against him.


Im thinking of possibly nerfing the range to maybe 8 or 9 units so his ult gets weaker a bit faster the further away the players are. Also i could tweak it for lvl 3 ult to reduce 150 damage each x amount of units.


Ill buff E slightly nerf W. I want Q to remain as it is.


And while no the E and R might not be interesting it is completely different from anything seen in sotis/aos before. Especially the visual of it happening.


How do you guys feel about the heroic passive? Idk if its to strong seeing as at lvl 18 it will be doing 200 spell damage when any of his allies are being attacked physically or from spells.

Also how do you guys feel about the 10% insta death thing on his ult? Maybe reduce that to 500 hp and die?

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This hero and Banzai's gravity based hero could perform a kick-ass duo! Supernova the suckers and Create a black hole among them, surely they couldn't survive that.

It should be the other way round, but that'd defy the laws of physics since black holes form AFTER supernovas...

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