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[Hero] Jinx.Belfaw


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Jinx.Belfaw

Portrait: Female Infested Medic

Unit Base: Infested Medic

Type: Support//Curser. INT

Script: A Medic who had been infested. Her methods of healing become corrupted by the Zerg swarm. Because of this, she now curses her foes to help her allies in battle.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 250

Movement Speed 2.8

Attack Range – 6

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage – 54

Attack Name | Animation - Hexing Shot

Base Armor – 2

Strength – 21 + [5]

Agility – 19 + [4]

Intelligence – 27 + [6]




Heroic Passive: Hexing Shot

"Jinx's restores the health of her allies with her basic attacks by hexing the enemy."


Effect: Jinx's Auto-Attack deals 50% Weap damage to enemies. It then bounces to the nearest ally in a 5-unit Radius restoring Health to an ally equal to 50% of Damage done AFTER mitigation. That in turn bounces to another ally from the previous targeted ally and continues bouncing up to and hitting a maximum of 3 times// 3 allies. If you did 100 damage to a hero when you have 300 Weap damage, and an ally is near by, they restore 50 Health.


This gives Jinx very good early laning especially with ally Melee Heroes. Bounce will NOT work if you attack a structure. Bounce will NOT work if you are attacking your own creeps. Gives Jinx early game pushing and laning as she heals her creeps. Each ally can only be healed once Per attack.



Ability One: Jinx Aura

"Jinx applies a jinx aura debuff on an enemy or buff ally. Enemies with a Jinx Aura Debuff will take Spell Damage per second for every other Unit [not including self] that has a Jinx Aura Debuff//buff on themselves in a 5-unit Radius. Allies with a Jinx Aura buff will Heal health per second for every other Unit [not including self] that has a Jinx Aura buff//debuff on themselves in a 5-unit Radius. When an enemy is applied with a Jinx Aura Debuff, it refreshes all enemies with Jinx Aura Debuffs and allies with Jinx Aura buffs in a 5 - unit Radius. Jinx Aura Buffs are refreshed if reapplied but doesn't refresh in an AoE. Lasts 10 seconds at all Levels. This ability works on creeps and the effects does not change if it is on a creep or hero. Jinx Aura debuff deals Spell Damage."

Energy Cost: 40//50//60//70

Cooldown: 4 [3 Charges] [1 Second CD Interval]

Range: 8 [Target unit Ability. Can be used on allies or enemies].


Level 1: Heals//Deals 10[+10%INT] per second.

Level 2: Heals//Deals 20[+10%INT] per second.

Level 3: Heals//Deals 30[+10%INT] per second.

Level 4: Heals//Deals 40[+10%INT] per second.


Effect: Very good in close quarter team fights, especially on Melee type heroes.




Ability Two: Jinx's Wall

"Jinx throws down 20 stationary Infested Terrans in a Circle at the targeted area in a 3-unit Radius. These Infested Terrans can not moved or Pushed except for Pulls or Allied Heroes [self hero]. The Infested Terrans are untargetable and Invulnerable for a short period of time before being targetable. These Infested Terrans can not attack, but when they die, they deal Spell Damage in a 4-unit Radius. Each Infested Terran lasts a Maximum of 8 seconds. When Jinx throws the 16 infested terrans, they take 1.5 seconds before they land and block pathing of enemies. Infests have Health equal to 10% Jinx's Max Health."

Energy Cost: 70//90//110//130

Cooldown: 35//30//25//20

Range: 8 [Area of Effect ability]


Level 1: Invulerability lasts 1.25 seconds. Each Infested on Death deals 5[+5%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Invulerability lasts 1.50 seconds. Each Infested on Death deals 10[+5%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Invulerability lasts 1.75 seconds. Each Infested on Death deals 15[+5%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4: Invulerability lasts 2.00 seconds. Each Infested on Death deals 20[+5%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: This ability blocks pathing of enemies for a short while but doesn't block allies. It can easily be avoids by a) Teleporting, b) Moving out of targeted circle radius before they land, or c) Kill the Infested terran to get out right after the invulnerability time runs out which is fairly easy to do. It is dangerous if you stack inside the circle or if you kill all the infesteds at the same time as it can deal maximum 400[+10%INT] Spell Damage.




Ability Three: Infestational Strength

"Jinx targets an enemy unit causing it to be stunned for 1 seconde. The infestation on the target explodes and travels to the nearest allies causing all allies in a 8-unit Radius to gain Movement Speed and Attack Speed for 3.5 seconds. The Infestation on the target that also explodes travels the the nearest enemies causing them to take small Spell Damage and to Lose Movement Speed and Attack Speed also hitting the primary target. for 3.5 seconds in a 8-unit Radius. This can be used on an ally unit causing it to gain Massive movement Speed for 1 seconds. The targeted ally is also effected by the Movement speed // Attack Speed buff that lasts 3.5 seconds. Takes 1 second channel"

Energy Cost: 70//80//90//100

Cooldown: 24//22//20//18

Range: 15 [Target unit Ability. Can Target both allies and enemies]


Level 1: +/- 20% Movement Speed//Attack Speed. Deals 60[+35%INT] Spell Damage to enemies. Targeted ally will Recieve +90% Movement Speed for 1 second.

Level 2: +/- 25% Movement Speed//Attack Speed. Deals 100[+35%INT] Spell Damage to enemies. Targeted ally will Recieve +110% Movement Speed for 1 second.

Level 3: +/- 30% Movement Speed//Attack Speed. Deals 140[+35%INT] Spell Damage to enemies. Targeted ally will Recieve +130% Movement Speed for 1 second.

Level 4: +/- 35% Movement Speed//Attack Speed. Deals 180[+35%INT] Spell Damage to enemies. Targeted ally will Recieve +150% Movement Speed for 1 second.


Effect: An ability that is fantastic for chasing enemies or to just stop an enemy. Decent during team fights as well, especially to limit the enemy mobility while increasing yours.




Ultimate Ability: Curse of Weakness

"Jinx targets a unit causing 75% of Physical damage and Spell Damage [before mitigation] that the unit would originally take to change into True Damage for a short duration of time. In addition, when applying the ability, all enemies [exclude the primary target] 5-units from the Primary target will be stunned for 1 second. When the primary target takes True Damage, a % of the True damage is reflected on Jinx's enemies in a 5-unit Radius around the primary target. Takes 1 second Channel time."

Energy Cost: 200//325//450

Cooldown: 130//110//90

Range: 5


Level 1: Debuff lasts 2.50 seconds. Also reflects 10% of damage to enemies as well.

Level 2: Debuff lasts 3.25 seconds. Also reflects 15% of damage to enemies as well.

Level 3: Debuff lasts 4.00 seconds. Also reflects 20% of damage to enemies as well.


Effect: A hard core counter to tanks. This basicly eliminates all their Spell//Physical Resistance, allowing AA heroes to just wail on. Managing a lot of damage on the tank can also mean damaging his allies near him as if the tank takes 3000 True damage during the debuff, the tank's allies will also recieve 20% of that damage or 600 True Damage. This makes it so True Damaging abilities like Flaming Stevie isn't entirely useless since it already deals True Damage. This does stop Life Steal lowering leeching off the target by 75%. As you also deal only 25% Physical Damage, your crits will only proc from that 25% Physical damage. So a 100 damage crit at full damage will be only 25.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:

Spell Buffer

Mossberg Taser // Lock Box

Coat of Arms

Korhal Vanguard

Small Hadron Collider

Nitrogen Retrofit



How to play this Hero:

This Hero is a support hero that buffs his allies indirectly by causing enemies to Buff his allies. Because of this, this hero excells with MELEE Carries as most the abilities will fully proc this. This hero is mainly a support hero and a Counter caster versus Tank Heroes.


Since you really help allies, get a Spell Buffer for Spell Resistance for them.

Get a Coat of arms to increase ally AA attack Speed and CDR.

Korhal Vanguard for same reason as Spell Buffer.

Mossberg to prevent enemies from escaping your Jinx Wall [Prevent teleport escapes or AoE wall burst escapes//Spells].

You can also get lockbox so your Jinx walls always hit and to set up your Jinx Auras on allies so when they surround the Lock Boxed hero for full benefits.

Small Hadron Collider will provide Health, Timescale. The Stun can help land jinx walls. More importantly the Ulti does a lot of Damage. The teleport enables you to secure your ulti on the target you desire.

Nitrogen - INT for some damage, and mainly the slow. This excells with Jinx Aura + Infestational Strength as a slow.


If you build this, not only will you be a support, but you will be a very tanky support and can act as a Team Tank Support Caster. That can be very useful as you will be hard to kill. You can act as tank as if you are targeted, Jinx Aura abilities can help sustain you.


Note: This hero isn't really ment to be used as a caster. Her damage is decent.


Heroic Passive Use: Use just to heal your allies. This enables you the option to lane with a melee ally hero to help sustain them when they get massively harassed. Also is useful late game if you won a team fight. Now pushing after team fights isn't bad as you can restore a lot of your allies health if they lack heals.


Jinx Aura: Very useful to use on your ally melee heroes and heroes they are attacking. Also useful if team fights get close and you can manage to refresh the stacks every so often


Jinx Wall: Use this to stop an enemy from escaping. This won't block allies as your allies can push the Infesteds aside [Altho that can free the enemy in the process]. Good vs heroes that can't teleport and can be very useful in team fights as it takes a fairly large radius and can do fairly large AoE damage.


Infestation Strength. Use it on an ally Carry if they want to engage // Chase. Use it on an enemy to slow them. A Very good ability if you need a Team chase // Escape. In addition it is also using in team fights for small AoE Damage and to increase your team mobility while decreasing theirs. Can be used on self for a fast escape if really needed.


Curse of Weakness. An ability that with strong allies can melt ANY hero. An ability that relys on allies. This ability is primary really good vs unkillable heroes. It can make all the difference in a battle.


Counters: Parallax is a very large counter as majority of this hero to be strong are debuffs. Just beware as a couple of the debuffs are strong and don't last long so parallax may not save in time. Others are spamable where she can easily reapply it after being removed. Regardless tho, Parallax makes Jinx.Belfaw really have to work.


Taser: Jinx has to be decently close to her enemies to effect them. Since she has to be is fairly close range [Primarily 8 in most cases, sometimes 5 for things like Ulti]. It can be fairly useful to counter her as she has to support allies by applying it to Enemies instead of allies. This makes pulls fairly useful as well.


Warp Shard : A lot of her debuffs involve Trapping and slows. Warp sharp is a good counter as you can escape if your in trouble. Did she just ulti you? Warp out for the duration.


Lockbox: Lockbox can be useful into countering her. She has pretty decent escaping abilities because of her slows, especially with nitrogen which a lockbox can be used to surround her. In addition, if you get ultied by her, you can lockbox yourself. While you may be preventing yourself from being in the team fight for a short duration, at least your not being a burden to your team with damage reflection onto them, and an easy kill for the enemy toward item purposes. The lockbox can eliminate a majority of the team fight.






Closing statement

Thanks for reading.

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I find the third ability to do too many things at once. I think if you got ri of the speed boost when targetting an ally or removed the AoE part then it would be more balanced.


The E should have 10% Int scaling and the Q should have 5%.



Other than that, I think this is a pretty cool, well thought out hero with some pretty original abilities.

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Good job on this one, except fro the ulti. Converting damage to true would render tanks almost completely obsolete. AA carries would be able to melt through them easily with their 1000+ dps.


The ulti is basicly a reversed version of Geneva's Ulti. It is definately counterable because the person is most likely to be a primary target so you just need to survive for 4 seconds which is do able. [Lockbox, warp shard, use shrapnel so they can't even attack you for the duration, silence Jinx since it has a very short duration.] The Ulti can be VERY strong if used at the right movement. Altho note that while it basicly removes Barb, it also removes all sources of Life steal on allies that attack him since they will be dealing no physical damage. It makes certain items not useful [Like Contam shard]. As it also effects before mitigation, Argus Crystal and Yamato will not work.


I mean it is an ulti =/ and one that is fairly counterable. [Massive Health, Lockbox, Warp Shard, Shrapnel, Taser, Mutiple ultis, Parallax]. If you don't focus fire that hero, the ulti is completely useless. It will be nerfed slightly for AA Heroes tho.

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