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Save the Portraits!


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If you have an older version of sc2 backed up (before 2.0.4), we need you to help us grab the following files from the Galaxy Editor:


Go to Buttons>(any button)>UI:Icon>Browse>(search for achievementportraits)>"Export File" to Desktop


The files we are looking for are named:






There may not be a 0 or 3 (there were 3 of them, I don't exactly remember the numbering convention).

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I have 1.5.4 on one of my laptops still. Don't mind helping but I can't seem to find what you are looking for.


I opened the map editor to an empty project and searched around following your directions but I cant find "achievementportraits" or portraits of any kind under the UI section. All I see is "Achievement panel" and "portrait panel" and its just xml templates under both with no options to export files.


(feeling slightly retarded atm)

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