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Type to search in shop and pack mule to carry items to team


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Just throwing this out there, while its not too hard to memorize what menus items are under, it would be nice to be able to search items by name in the shop in case you forget or are in a hurry. This would also help with newer players who haven't learned the item shop when you are telling them what items to go for and reduce shop time overall if you are shopping multiple categories.


Not sure how doable it is but they have it in LOL and its pretty handy.


Also would love that indestructible pack mule from DOTA2...just sayin ;)


We could use the warp prism or a medivac (flying unit so it doesnt have pathing issues), and give it 6 slots like a normal hero, with some preset move speed. Then just share control with everyone.

Items already get branded as your own, so provided it can act as a proxy of you, it could purchase items for you without allowing you to purchase items for team mates.

That way you can shop without having to leave lane or pull back from pushes :P

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