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[HERO] Jamerson.Alexander


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- First post

- Made it so that abducting creeps costs energy based on how many creeps you currently have abducted.

- Took some of Eliwan's suggestions.



A crane enthusiast and scrap hauler for most of his life, Alexander rarely participated in warfare. His speech impediments prevented him from ever building a significant relationship with any other human being, so he resigned himself to Port Zion where he operated cranes for money, evading taxation and saving up a fortune. Eventually, he purchased a Mark. 98 Powercrane Mega Edition from Orbital Technologies, and modified it to tap into Orbital's grav-beam satellites in orbit. His humble hometown near the sanctum now endangered, Alexander made the trip to the sanctum and hacked into the local satellite network, allowing him to abuse the satellite's beams to provide combat support and trolling opportunities.

Portrait: Raven

Unit Base: SuperCrane with Treads (unused model)

Type: STR

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Starting Stats:

Health – 650 (300 base)

Movement Speed – 2.7

Attack Range – 2

Attack – Fist Pound

Attack Speed – 1.9

Damage – 50 (32.5 base)

Armor – 0

Energy – 0

Strength – 35 (+7)

Agility – 12 (+3)

Intelligence – 30 (+5)





Alexander's crane accumulates spare material within a layer beneath his armor, giving him 0.5 maximum life per mineral owned, up to a maximum of 1400 extra life.




Magnetic Satelite

Mana Cost: 50/80/110/140

Cast Range: 8

Cooldown: 3/2/1/0

Alexander uses the most conveniently located satellite to abduct the target creep and send it into space. Target must be below a certain amount of health for spell to be target-able, and the energy cost for abducting a creep is equal to 30+8*(# of creeps abducted since last Ult). Grants the unit's bounty and XP normally. If targeted on a hero, the satellite lifts the hero into the air for 1 second, disabling them for that time, but causing the ability's cooldown to be extended by 12 seconds.

Adds one Ultimate stack.

Level 1: Target must be below 70 (+100% INT) life.

Level 2: Target must be below 140 (+100% INT) life.

Level 3: Target must be below 210 (+100% INT) life.

Level 4: Target must be below 280 (+100% INT) life.


Because of the short cooldown, this can be used to catch last kills while laning or quickly clear a creep wave late game. This also synergizes with his E since he can trap an enemy within the radius of Radioactive Waste,



Whenever an allied unit or neutral creep dies near Alexander, he regenerates life equal to a percentage of its maximum life after processing it, then shooting the remains into orbit.

Adds one Ultimate stack, up to 2+LVL from Recycling alone.

Level 1: 10% of maximum life.

Level 2: 14% of maximum life.

Level 3: 18% of maximum life.

Level 4: 22% of maximum life.


This is good for lane sustain, and makes him a monster at bottom lane, along with his other abilities. It's also good for jungling since even at level one it will regenerate around 100 life from a thor. Late-game he can steal a few hundred health from jungle creeps, meaning that he won't have to return to the pool to heal too often.


Radioactive Waste

Mana Cost: 90/110/130/150

Cast Range: 8

Cooldown: 20/18/16/14

Cast Time: 0.6

Alexander tosses a Radioactive Waste Pile at the target location. The waste pile measures 1.5 units across and deals constant spell damage to targets within a radius of 3, which disables the target's health regeneration and leech (but does not prevent healing spells). Piles have 300+50*LVL maximum life, 100% spell resist, and last 8 seconds. Deals half damage to creeps.

Level 1: 30 (+40% INT) spell damage per second.

Level 2: 50 (+40% INT) spell damage per second.

Level 3: 70 (+40% INT) spell damage per second.

Level 4: 90 (+40% INT) spell damage per second.


This is an "okay" farming move because it has a low damage output against creeps, but it deals considerable damage against heroes which makes it useful in the presence of strong crowd control.


Orbital Downpour

Mana Cost: 30/40/50

Cast Range: 8

Cooldown: 1.25/0.75/0.25

Uses a charge (acquired from Q and W abilities) and drops the most recently abducted/recycled creep onto the target point after falling for 1 second, displaying a beacon splat and a faded version of the falling creep at the impact site. Deals spell damage in a radius of 2 equal to 20% of the creep's maximum life (+50% INT). If no charges are present, drops a Siege Engine instead that deals a fixed amount of spell damage and stuns for 2 seconds and extends the ability's cooldown by 10 seconds.

Level 1: 1.25 second cooldown. 100 (+80% INT) Siege Engine spell damage.

Level 2: 0.75 second cooldown. 175 (+80% INT) Siege Engine spell damage.

Level 3: 0.25 second cooldown. 250 (+80% INT) Siege Engine spell damage.


This is his primary damage dealer in the later stages of the game, which requires that he farms but can deal a ton of burst damage, especially if the targets are stunned within the radius. If the target is unlucky enough to be hit by the siege tank at the end, he is stunned for a long time, but by then he will usually have died already or have escaped the radius.

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Is there a limit on Ye amount of creeps he could abduct? It'd be pretty OP if he rained 50 creeps onto enemies.


Q is abit bad for farming since it has a high energy cost. I suggest you halve the energy cost when used on creeps.


Other than that, I love the concept of abducting creeps then dropping them on enemies.

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Some things that I think could be done to improve the hero:



Have the maximum life scale -- maybe +100% INT?

Fixed ~80 Energy Cost.



Absolutely amazingly perfectly wonderfully awesome.



Longer cooldown and shorter cast range. 3/2/1/0 second CD? O_o



Have this be charge-based and have charges accumulate based on BOTH W AND Q. Recycling just feels like it SHOULD add stacks...

And then give the ability a 9/7/5 second cooldown (regardless of stacks) and decrease the mana cost (maybe to 60/90/120).


Also it says that it summons a Siege Tank? And that it deals damage based on maximum life? Peku?


Basically have it be the same but totally different. X3


Anyway; just what I thought would make it more fun when I saw it.

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