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Pausing the game


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Wow, I just had someone do that in a game, its tier lengendary on the troll scale.


But seriously the game is simply unplayable due to the lag, its not worth playing for me until its fixed.



Edit: Just played a single player game of aos, and it was lag free. So im thinking the lag im getting is lazy people who could wait for the download to finish and just went ahead and started playing, then proceed to lag the flob out of everyone else. Selfish bas.tards


Edit 2: There is a huge lag spike when the game is over and the artifact collapses, it has happened twice now.

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The game should only be paused under the following conditions.


1) lag


2) explosive diarrhea


3) parents want you for some reason and they don't understand the intricacies of your game and in turn want to ruin your "life."







You forgot this one:



5) My cat caught on fire.


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