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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Infernal.ManJosh

Portrait:Hydra, but fatter and blue

Unit Base:Infernal.Mandrake, but fatter and blue




Starting Stats:

Base Health –500

Movement Speed –1.9

Attack Range –Melee

Attack Speed –1.5

Base Damage –55

Attack Name | Animation -

Base Armor –10

Strength –30

Agility –40

Intelligence –80




Heroic Passive: Hug me, brother. HUG ME!

"Infernal.ManJosh's brother, Mandrake gives him a confidence boost whenever they are near eachother."


Effect: Infernal.ManJosh gains +50% weaponspeed, +10% Movement speed, and +5% spelldamage when he is within 5 units of an allied Infernal.ManDrake.




Ability One: Meaghan...

"ManDrake's and ManJosh's half sister likes to play pranks on them, making ManJosh very paranoid."

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: 7


Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds

Level 2: Lasts 8 seconds

Level 3: Lasts 11 Seconds

Level 4: Lasts 13 seconds


Effect: Whenever an enemy hero moves within 7 units of ManJosh, ManJosh gains shields equal to his 100%STR+Armor. Only activates when an enemy hero crosses a 7 unit "ring" around ManJosh. They could stay within that ring and wait for the shields to disappear. Stacks with itself.




Ability Two: Emphasis. EMPHASIS!

"Manjosh shouts twice (the second time is for emphasis (EMPHASIS)), dealing damage in a cone in front of himself."

Energy Cost:40/60/80/100

Cooldown:25 seconds

Range: 7 units


Level 1:Deals 50+30%INT spell damage, echo deals an additional 20+60%INT damage to hit units.

Level 2:Deals 75+30%INT spell damage, echo deals an additional 20+70%INT damage to hit units.

Level 3:Deals 100+30%INT spell damage, echo deals an additional 20+80%INT damage to hit units.

Level 4:Deals 125+30%INT spell damage, echo deals an additional 20+90%INT damage to hit units.


Effect: Second shout only affects units hit by the first shout. (you can't emphasize something you didn't hear.)




Ability Three: Mocha Cola-Mountain Fizz

"ManDrake and ManJosh combine their favourite drinks to make Mountain Cola and Mocha Fizz, giving each bonuses for 10 seconds."

Energy Cost:70/100/140/180

Cooldown:30 seconds



Level 1:Mandrake deals an additional 10% spelldamage. ManJosh gains +3 health regen.

Level 2:All of the above and Mandrake gains 10% physical resist. ManJosh +20% movement speed.

Level 3:All of the above and Mandrake gains an increased pull radius of his Q. ManJosh's scream echoes twice.

Level 4:All of the above and Mandrake gains 1% maximum health regeneration per second. ManJosh gains 10% spell resist






Ultimate Ability: Oprah. OPRAH!

"Oprah (OPRAH) descends from the heavens and bestows her blessing on ManJosh, causing him to explode."

Energy Cost: 150/170/200

Cooldown: 120/80/60

Range: 7


Level 1: ManJosh deals 200 (+100% INT) damage to all enemies in a radius of 3.

Level 2: ManJosh deals 350 (+100% INT) damage to all enemies in a radius of 5.

Level 3: ManJosh Deals 500 (+100% INT) damage to all enemies in a radius of 7.


Effect: Type commentary here.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Doyah get it? huh? doyah? doyah?

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

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