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[1.85] Voltron.Leo


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Strength 35 + 6[/color]

Agility *35 + 6*[/color]

Intelligence 20 + 3[/color]



[td]Base Health: 250[/td]

[td]Movement Speed: 3.00[/td]

[td]Base Weapon Speed: 1.7[/td]

[td]Attack Range: 1.25[/td]

[td]Base Armor: 3[/td]

[td]Base Attack: 48[/td]



Lore: (Story)

One of five Dominion prototypes, Leo is the first incarnation of the Predator series. Grossly overfunded at the vanguard of the project, Leo sports vastly superior hardware. Leo is designed to engage and plow through hordes of enemies. Additional features allow him to pick off stragglers that manage to escape his onslaught of electrical fury.





Passive Icon Hunting

[td]Ability Type: Heroic Passive[/td]

[td]Range: Radius 5? 10?[/td]

[td]Hotkey, Cooldown: N/A, N/A[/td][/table]


Nearby allies gain +10% Movement Speed.




Spell Image Energy Flux

[td]Ability Type: Active[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey, Cooldown: Q, [/td][/table]


Deal Spell Damage to nearby enemies. Each enemy damaged this way grants Leo +10% Weapon Speed for 5 seconds.


[Level 1] Deals 70 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.

[Level 2] Deals 130 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.

[Level 3] Deals 190 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.

[Level 4] Deals 250 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.



Spell Image Sense the Weak

[td]Ability Type: Passive[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Speed Buff[/td]

[td]Hotkey: W[/td]


If a nearby enemy has less than 45% Health, Leo gains vision of the target and Movement Speed.


[Level 1] +15% Movement Speed. Range of 8.

[Level 2] +20% Movement Speed. Range of 12.

[Level 3] +25% Movement Speed. Range of 16.

[Level 4] +30% Movement Speed. Range of 20.




Spell Image Mirror Force

[td]Ability Type: Self-Buff[/td]

[td]Damage Type: True, Reflect before Mitigation[/td]

[td]Hotkey: E[/td][/table]


For 4 seconds, Leo reflects a percentage of all incoming Spell and Physical Damage as back at it's source as True Damage. Leo still takes damage from these sources.


[Level 1] Reflects 40% of incoming damage.

[Level 2] Reflects 50% of incoming damage.

[Level 3] Reflects 60% of incoming damage.

[Level 4] Reflects 70% of incoming damage.



Spell Image Lightning Claw

[td]Ability Type: Self | AA Steroid[/td]

[td]Damage Type: Spell[/td]

[td]Hotkey: R[/td][/table]


For 12 seconds, your basic attacks will shock up to 4 nearby enemies for Spell Damage.


[Level 1] Deals 50 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.

[Level 2] Deals 100 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.

[Level 3] Deals 150 (+60% INT) Spell Damage.



MANY THANKS TO WRATH! Seriously, this took me like 10 minutes after I got the information from him. =w


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It's just time-consuming-- in order to make one without assistance; I have to open SC2 and then copy (e.g. type) everything from a hero.


And with the new changes; it becomes even harder-- I can't look at the lore of the hero except in the loading screen! D:


And tbh thank Wrath; he sent the data. I just plugged it in and verified that the #'s were correct.

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yea i would imagine I thought about doing a few heros that i like to play. I was just gonna go in a game highlight all info (lore, skills etc...) and then load a replay and pause as needed. Put it in Windows mode and have had it but its hard as i dont have endless hours to do this i find myself wanting to play for the few hours I get >.<


P.S. be glad you didnt play that last game last night. it lasted 1hr45min!!!!!!!!! i wasnt in bed till after 12 lol and we LOST op zera kerri rancor XD with leaver bonuses. It was frustrating but good ass game. Just had a dead beat balrog 3-23-26 around there his assits were litterally just sitting behind us while we atked.

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