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Just for fun teams


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With many friends online i happened to have 4 or 5 member team premade pubs, but since playing pub with 4 allies isnt quite challenging we would make things a bit more interesting by choosing special hero combinations; heres a small list:

team raynor: raynor tychus egon rory (and one more that would fit story wise)

sniper team: raynor rancor nova summers tosh

puller team: micro mandrake boros vorpal roach (justice zera ...)

jumpstyle team: cyprus bio micro vergil (...)

teambuffers (have a passive buff for entire team): raynor king cyprus leo null bruta (...)

team heal(heals ally members, preferably aoe heal like just's healmatrix, or rory queen tychus heals): doc egon just era rory queen tychus (...)

team minions: bio unix zergling raynor king tosh (...)

team invis(ible) (truesight is enemy): bio unix zera rancor lurker (...)

team 1hit: cyprus raynor era iron bruta (...)

team for the swarm: zerg only (eg. zergling roach hydra queen kerrigan)

team terran: terran only

team toss: toss only


upcoming: <- help me here

team vanilla (no stun, no silence, no pull, no immobilize, no sleep, yes slow):

team templar (templars?): zera shadow vorpal ...

team obstacles (wall/block): cyprus cow null mule?(towers) unix?

team amplify (amplify damage or reduce resistence/armor of enemy): bio darpa nova raynor ...


you are invited to share your own just for fun teams, try them out, battle them against each other in inhouse games, find better suited names for the teams i listed^^

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