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Early Egon IH + Star Fury = BAD.... Pub builds are crapola


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So I'm going to start this off by saying I really don't IH/mumble at all but yesterday decided to give it a shot... I am a pretty good pubber most of the time (depends on the heroes) but like I said, I decided to go out on a limb and try IH yesterday for the first time in over a year.


First off, IH'ers are competitive (like me thankfully) but really are patient guys and gals/small boys (still not sure about 'momo')- something a lot of people unsubstantiatedly claim they aren't. They are competitive but going 0-5 with Egon and completely buying the wrong starting item for an IH game, and you guys still cut me some slack. I was a bit stubborn and thought my pub build (which I don't lose with) would work just fine. Got a few laughts at my suggestion before the game started and a few recommended items but decided to try and prove myself with my own build... first off- listen to your local IH'ers. They know what they are talking about. Secondly, I played alright but b/c I didn't have a proper build order down I ended up blowing chunks all over the screen.


So this is a thank you to those who still put up with me in that game AND also a plea for anyone going into IH for the first time- just listen to the builds they give you and be a puppet until you learn the 'ropes.' Also, I hope I didn't ruin my chances at possibly playing another game because I enjoyed the pace and higher level of skill.


Also, when Egon uses Star Fury, there is an unmentioned specialty passive called 'Blind.' Essentially, everyone in the game has their screen flash each time an ability is cast. Since my team apparently was feeling like they were about to have epileptic seizures from it... I guess it means I was using Egon properly BUT it also can hinder you own team. So be wary of it. AND DON'T BUY IT AS A FIRST ITEM ON EGON!!!

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Yea, you learn right away in IH that you buy the items specifically for your role. If your a support like Egon, you buy support items or like a Nitrogen Retrofit or Ihan rather than something like an Argus or Star's Fury. Carrys go DPS items right away, usually like a HoM, you don't screw around with getting Ihan stacks. And tanks get health items, they don't try to get some damaging items or AA items. Int burst casters get Argus and Gravity and sometimes Flare and SFG.


First IH I did I played LZ expecting to play a tank off carry like I do in pubs with like two AA items and leech and stuff, boy did I learn lol.

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I found that a lot of my Pub Stomp item builds have worked successfully in a few IH games xD


Altho i usually don't go the typical items in Pub or IH, so ppl have to find a way to counter it since ppl would rarely [if ever] go the build.


Like INT Flaregun Bio [Which is my Pub stomp Biotron build, which works decent in a couple IHs.]



Most IH Comps and item suggestions from them are Anti-Standard Pubstomp items and also Utility // Support items.


I do have to say that since i started to IH slightly more often, my Item comp hasn't really changed except when I'm a Tank hero. When I'm a tank Hero, thats when my Pubstomp build no works and I gotta listen to my team :) [since i usually don't get spell buffer // Korhal // Eletrical mantle first in Pub games as a tank.


I like my item build because it works out yet at the same time, it makes ppl go "what the heck is he going?" build making players have to adapt quickly to the strange item build. [Like if you never see bandit artifice, your more likely to be fooled by it or underestimate the power of it when playing vs it, especially if the person is experianced with that build].



P.S. I never had this glitch happen to me O.o

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lol why starfury xD


try ihan for the stacks early as well as the energy regen will make you a standalone never having to retreat for energy or life to pool...that way you wont miss exp and be able to support partners for longer

if u went ihan second is nitro.....if no ihan go nitro anyways....its the one item you want to get asap for egon.....good int, good life, and the unique turns your Q into a long time slow.....lategame when you can spam more stuff you can keep their whole team/most of it slowed


other items are whatever your team needs....lacking on the heal department(even if you are egon it could happen) get eternal drive ftw....even if you have noone to heal you can heal yourself, saving more shots of Q for enemies


"aura items" arecool too...even if you dont engage youll get tanky as hell and the auras benefit the whole team just for you standing there....and you are probably immortal healing yourself so its like perma auras....you know what I`m talking about....chilling artifact, coat of arms, spell buffer, the other item that gives damage resists to the entire team...notice that chilling and coa also give cooldown reduction, so you can spam more(as if your passive heroic wasnt enough)

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Yea, you learn right away in IH that you buy the items specifically for your role. If your a support like Egon, you buy support items or like a Nitrogen Retrofit or Ihan rather than something like an Argus or Star's Fury.


Ihan and nitrogen are not support items.


You should buy blink, khoral vanguard and eternal drive (not necessarily in this order), and a lot of wards.

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Hm it might be just habit of getting ihan on egon/Geneva.


However, in the early phase of the game, I feel that the extra HP/mana/regen helps with these support heroes who are generally squishy / mana dependent. Plus, the permanent stack is always good in a long IH battle.


I do think rushing korhaul or spell buffer would be more fitting if I think of supporting the whole team as fast as I can.


Maybe ihan is a selfish choice? Haha.


Edit: spelling. Damn iPhone man

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Really don't get ihan on egon, provides nothing for the cost, you don't need the int and if you want HP there are more cost effective solutions, other items suggested by divinesashi are good.


depending on how you play and team composition you could still get ihan and nitro cause well....thats the only int youll probably get....plus the life...arguably you could do what the other say and have mana problems having to use W on yourself all the time instead of silencing enemies and relying mostly on item usage to support.....though id rather get a half solid foundation before switching all support....its not like without suport actives you are not supporting....you are egon....all your skills serve for support...dont let the appearances decieve you...getting some int early will help you support with skills better, and the extra life from ihan and nitro will help in case enemies try to focus you for easy kill so you can take a couple of hits....


then pure support items are cool since anyways your leveling will give you some minor life and int but you have the basic covered


yeah someone is going to jump and say something like straight battery for energy....ya maybe sometimes its cool, but there are other heroes that could do that...IMO egon should build a base that allows him to spam his QWE cause all of them serve for support...healing allies, slowing enemies(nitro), aoe healing, silencing non stop....sounds support to me....and doing some damage to sometimes get a shot at running enemies before they reach pool if you can...is not like say, QUEEN.....that has heal as support and.....heal as support lol....yes, ultra stun is cool, but what I mean is, skipping ihan and or nitro for a batery on queen is way less punishing than doing it for egon....if queen cant spam her W thats about it...in terms of support....then, adding items for early extra ways of support is like obviously good....with egon it CAN be good but its not like a must do...


that being said, when playing with pro competent team I love fast eternal....its just so sexy :p

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