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Mini-Guide for every hero


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-Brine is a very strong early game hero that combos great with skillshot dependent heroes, as his E sets up easy kills. Max Heal first, as it allows you to shrug off any incoming damage as you race in to grab the enemy. Spam your Heroic Passive in lane. Roam gank once you hit level 6. Brine falls off late game as enemies gain truesight, because his skill ranges are so short. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on movespeed, health, armor, energy regen, and cooldown reduction.






-One of the best initiators in the game, Micro excels at lane control and ganking, isolating enemies with his blink throw combo. Slim (Q) if needed to get in range to throw, but otherwise save it to slow the victim down after he lands. Note enemies are generally invulnerable while in the air. Max Throw first, as the extra distance is vital to securing kills. Time your Fast Twitch with denying and harassing. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on movespeed, health, armor, energy regen, and cooldown reduction.






-With infinite scaling and one of the scariest ults in teamfights, Drake is best at counter engage until he gets his Warpshard. Drake lanes best with someone who can guarentee him a lance hit. Max Lance first, as it is fairly useless lower levels. In team fights, prioritize getting your ult off over hitting the perfect 5 man ult - so long as you hit more then one person, its worth it. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on movespeed, health, armor, energy regen, and cooldown reduction.






-A "ranged bruiser" with an int build option, Kerrigan should take mid or short lane and focus on getting every creep kill she can with her amazing laning phase. She is slow and cumbersome, so positioning in teamfights is absolutely key. In later fights, spam ult for vision and poke. Max E first for the insane dot in laning. Note that her W Bounces do not proc any item effects except crit/lifesteal/her E. Run 1/3/2 talents, taking weapon damage, health, armor, both movespeed, and finally youth.






-Cain is a semi-carry lane bully who does best solo mid, or with someone who can help him get more consecutive attacks off on the same target. He has trouble actually carrying due to how slow he is, but does serve as a tanky secondary dps. Max E first - note that the max attackspeed stays for up to 15 seconds, which is more then the cooldown of the skill, allowing back-to-back E if you wait a bit. Run 1/2/3 talents, taking weapon damage, health, armor, cooldown reduction, energy regen, and movespeed.






-Starscream is a tank who can completely bully a lane down with the high damage and slow on his Q early game, which should be maxed first. He lanes well with most heroes, but is fairly item dependent later. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on movespeed, health, armor, energy regen, and cooldown reduction and win your lane early.






-Bio is a tanky caster with a unique minion mechanic. He also arguably offers the strongest control over Aeon and Daggoth - with his ult offering insane damage potential - especially on stationary targets. Max Claymore first - and it is frequently worth it to wait after burrowing for the cooldown to refresh so you can immediately use the skill again after poping. Run 0/2/4 talents, grabing health, armor, cooldown reduction, energy regen, swiftness, and transport.






-Cow is a versatile hero, who, while usually is played as a Burst Caster, can also fill as a secondary dps or tanky utility. His E allows him to plow through creepwaves, as well as making him a passive counter to summoners, and his R gives him global pressence. Max E first, as it will help with farming, especially once you have your ult. Harrass and deny with your Heroic passive, and learn to manage your charges to avoid mistakenly using a double wall and trapping your teammates to their doom. Talents depend on the role you intend to fill.






-Balrog is a tank who offers the team the unique ability of AoE Debuff removal with his W - making him a passive counter to heroes like Rory, Toxi, and Egon. Max Q or W first unless your lane intends to play passively, in which case E is ideal. Try to keep your Ult stacked for the extra health. In teamfights, Balrog just needs to man up and jump in, though watch for a chance to use your W to save an ally from a stun or damage over time effect. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on movespeed, health, armor, energy regen, and cooldown reduction.






-Tychus is a slow, tanky carry with the highest physical and spell resist potential, but also a desperate need for farm. Max stats first, with one point in W and E, as you won't be killing anyone unless they are terrible. Tychus works best in a team that have strong early game to hold the line while he farms, as well as many stuns/slows/disables to help him kite/keep up with the enemy. Run 2/3/1 talents, taking attack damage, attackspeed, health, spellresist or armor, and movespeed.






-LZ is a tank/semi-carry who is the best counter to heroes that rely on AoE Damage such as Vergil, Toxi, or Vorpal. His Q debuff immunity makes him a strong counterpick against Rory, and his ring around himself is great for trapping heroes without escapes like Kerrigan, Raynor, or Dustin and setting up skill shots. Max W first. Learn how to pull enemies with your W, but the faster you move, the easier it is to escape. Note that with a poorly used W, you can mess up your own teammates. Try to use your R right as the enemy engages. Run 0/3/3 talents or 3/1/2 talents depending on the role you intend to fill.






-Jack of all trades, Vorpal doesn't need much farm to be a suitable tank, still offering great utility with his skill set, but can serve as a competent AA or, most common, int caster, ironically. With his Q for escape, and his E for harass and last hitting, he is good in any lane, even solo versus two long lane. Max Q first. Use R then followed immediately with a Q to keep the enemy stuck in your ult for maximum damage. Run talents depending on your role.






-One of the strongest pushers in the game, MarineKing decimates towers if left alone. His E aura is amazing in conjecture with Coat of Arms, allowing his teammates to largely ignore attackspeed items, and also providing strong Aeon and Daggoth Control. Max Q first for the lane harass it provides. Use ult on firebat whenever possible, as it reduces the targets physical resist on hit. Run 0/3/3 talents, but don't hesitate to grab transport if you feel so inclined.






-A tank with some of the most and best disables in the game, Justicar can lane anywhere due to his E, but is best with a partner who can take advantage of his double stuns early game. Max Q first for aggressive play, or E for passive play. Don't hesitate to use Q just to gain the 6 range stun - the knock up is not always necessary for a kill! Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on movespeed, health, armor, energy regen, and cooldown reduction.








-Kitty is a heavy hitting autoattack carry that relies on his powerhouse ult to kill everyone, at the same time, in 12 seconds flat. He excels at chasing down fleeing enemies, but is highly susceptible to crowd control, and as such, should engage in a fight only after key stuns/slows have been used. Leo suffers from weak laning, and tends to be played in the jungle where he can free farm. Max Q first for the ease of farming. Run talents depending on jungle/lane.






-Shadow is an autoattack semi-carry who has an amazing potential to snowball a game to easy victory, but otherwise falls of late game. He has, arguably, the best ability to stick onto a single target with his auto-kite E mechanism. Proper usage of his Vortex and ult can provide great utility in a team fight, and is essential for mastering Shadow. Note that his Vortex can be used to dodge skillshots or projectiles. Run 4/1/1 talents, with attack damage, attackspeed, lifesteal, haste, health, and energy regen to maximize early game potential.






-Boros is a bursty semi-carry/caster who supports teamfights with both initiation and saves with his bola. He struggles laning phase and is usually put into the jungle due to ranged harass. However, with mastery of his bola, he gains positional control of his enemies and even his own teammates. Spell storm allows Boros to R into the fray with an easy way out of debuffs afterwards, and should be maxed first for the damage unless you are highly proficient at using Bola. Run 2/2/2 -veteran, weapon damage, attackspeed, health, armor, swiftness, energy- or 1/3/2 - weapon damage, health, armor, zeal, swiftness, energy- talents for jungling.






-With two skills that can be as harmful as hurtful to your team if used improperly, Zeratul is a high burst autoattack carry/initiator with large potential to succeed or fail spectacularly. Mastering use of his E is absolutely vital, as it proper positioning with his R to avoid teammates. He is also rather squishy, and is best suited to counter engage unless a large opportunity presents itself. Max Q first for aggressive play, or W for ease of denying. Run 2/1/3 talents, taking attack damage, attackspeed, health, cooldown reduction, energy regen, and movespeed.






-Darpa is a ranged, autoattack hard carry who has arguably the best mobility in the game due to his R. He is great in a duel against another carry due to his heroic passive and his E, and has a decent early game due to the high damage on his Q. However he lacks AoE to farm with, so he is best dueling mid, jungle, or with a babysitter who can help him get extra vendetta stacks on the enemy. Play cautious before level 6, and max Q first. Run talents depending on your lane/jungle.






-Rancor is a ranged, agi caster who can be played as autoattack, but is primarily played int burst due to the high scaling on his cloaked Snipe, and the AoE of his nukes. Max snipe first for the extra damage, and take two points in cloak early for permanent cloak. Take advantage of your heroic passive and saturate the map with wards, and buy early potions, as they are very effective and can snowball your play. Run 1/1/4 talents, taking attack damage, health, cooldown reduction, energy regen, movespeed, and transport or wealth to capitalize on your ganking/map presence.






-Toxi is a ranged, autoattack carry or int caster who has a suite of slows and AoE Dots (damage over time) effects. His E makes for excellent lane harass, last hitting, and denying, while his ult has incredible damage potential, but by the nature of being a debuff, is countered by parralax or other debuff immunity skills. Max Q or E first for the early game damage. Note that his W can heal structures/towers. Run 4/1/1 talents, taking attack damage, attackspeed, lifesteal, haste, health, and max energy/regen, as his ult has a steep mana cost early on.






-Tassadar is a hybrid hero who is usually played as a tanky, support initiator. He is probably the hardest hero to master due to his heroic passive, but when played well, has massive global pressence and team fight potential. Max his W first for great sustain and harass in lane, or Q to stop a push composition. Master toggling between clone and hero. A basic combo is R with clone, then double drain, then R again. Note his clone procs all item effects, including gold per 10 second items. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on Spell resist, Armor, Movespeed, Energy Regen, and Wealth (for a instant Miners Goggles).






-King of the River, Grunty is a short ranged autoattack carry with passive AoE Truedamage. He can farm quickly due to his Q, but suffers horrible mana problems. Max E first for the extra burst damage, and because leveling Q increases mana cost with negligible damage increase. Grunty has a hard time mid versus other carries who have longer range, but excels in the jungle where he can gank from anywhere on the map with a 5 second stun on his E. Keep in mind your Q is AoE physical for lifesteal. Take 3/1/2 talents, with attack damage, attack speed, lifesteal, health, energy and energy regen.






-Vergil is an AoE Nuker with great mobility and a game-changing ultimate. Max his Q first for the damage. Because the escape his E offers, and his long range, spammable AoE Q, Vergil can solo any lane, and is frequently sent long lane alone when running a jungler comp. A strong Vergil player needs positioning and game sense to know when to dive bomb the enemy team with his E and ult. Keep in mind both his Q and R deal damage at the end of the animation, and can be dodged if anticipated. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on health, armor, movespeed, cooldown, and energy regen.






-Nova is a ranged, autoattack hard carry who synergizes well with burst crit damage and hit and run tactics. She is usually played short lane, mid, or jungle depending on the matchup. Take advantage of her long range and poke in to fire a few shots before retreating to wait for your E. Her ult is situational, and rarely is it worth it to dive into a teamfight to snare a target. Max Nova's Q first for the extra bit of damage and income it offers. Talents depend on lane/jungle - demigod is great for deny/last hit with her attack range and clean attack animation.






-With the potentially the most stuns in the game, and almost all of them AoE, Tosh is a ranged, autoattack semi-carry who lanes mid, short, or jungle, and can easily win a game with his amazing mid-game stunlock. Max his Spectres first, and use them to harass and out-deny the enemy, but keep them out of harms way or you will find your hero much less potent. Note that his ult sets his weapon damage to 0 and deals flat true-damage instead, but does proc all on-hit effects. Run talents depending on your lane/jungle.






-Feral is a speedly hero that can be played int or autoattack. While he must be burrowed to autoattack anything, he has the unique mechanic of a linear AoE attack, that also procs all on-hit effects on every target. On the other hand, his togglable R allows him a kiting mechanism that deals constant, semi-random AoE damage around him, allowing him to be considered an int caster carry. Max his Q first for the extra damage it offers, and note that his ult is fairly weak and expensive unless he is built int. Run talents depending on the direction you intend to build him.






-Penthos is a high-mobility tanky melee hybrid hero who uses Orbs instead of Mana. His W allows him to get past most tanks and onto the squishy dps/casters in the back. Be sure to know exactly how many orbs you have and plan your skill combos around them - don't strand yourself in the middle of the enemy team with a W only to find out you have no more orbs left! Max W first for the extra damage, or E for more sustain in a farm lane, or jungle and gank with W+Q. Run 2/3/1 talents, taking weapon damage, attackspeed, health, armor, zeal, and swiftness.








-Rory is a support caster who has ungodly early-mid game potential, but falls off severely lategame due to hard item counters to molotov. He should lane short lane, where he turns any lane into a kill lane. Max your molotov first for the damage it offers, and practice with it, as it is one of the harder skillshots to land. If possible, save your stun until after hitting your molotov to ensure followup damage. Preferably lane with someone else who has a stun/slow aswell. Run 0/3/3 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, and movespeed.






-Egon is a support caster with a high potential to end up carrying the game by simply outhealing the enemy team's dps. He is squishy, and relatively weak early game until he gets all four of his skills to maximize his heroic passive. Max W first for the energy it offers, as Egon should be constantly spamming abilities. Harass with Q and W in lane unless you or your lane partner fall below 50% health or energy, and keep in mind your Q is a great way to secure a kill on a low health opponent. Run 0/3/3 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, and movespeed.






-Maar is a situational caster carry/support with insane late game damage potential from the low cooldowns on his damage skills. He suffers mana problems until late game, but also farms very easily throughout due to his AoE pressence. Keep your distance and shoot double Red fireballs, and maintain a double Red + Blue aura around yourself at all times for the kiting and escape it offers. Maar fails without a frontline loaded with crowdcontrol to keep enemies from diving him - heroes such as jackson, lord zyrkhan, and micro make for excellent allies. Run 0/3/3 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, and movespeed.






-Unix is a hybrid pusher/assassin hero who excells at map and boss control. He can take any lane, or jungle, due to the power of his infested marines early game, which, incombination with his fungal and heroic passive, make him a nightmare for melee heroes in lane. Because of his ult and the damage from his marines, Unix can take both bosses with relative ease. Max Fungal first for the damage and root duration. Run 0/2/4 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, movespeed, and transport.






-A caster semi-carry with long range, short cooldown abilities, Dustin can destroy an enemy team given a strong front line and proper farm. Know the range on your rockets, and practice using E to angle your laser through multiple targets. Max Q first if you are confident you can hit it, as your Q does more damage and is more spammable then W. Take mid or short lane, and watch your energy constantly - Dustin has a tendency to run out at the worst times. Run 1/3/2 talents, taking spell damage, health, armor, zeal, cooldown, and max energy






-The rare int tank, Erekul thrives when focused in team fights, and can shut down the enemy carry with his W. Erekul can take any lane with a partner, or solo mid. Be careful early game, as you are more fragile then other tanks, and don't hesitate to use your ult to stun a target, thus securing a kill. While laning, try to always keep opponents in range of your heroic passice, for a slight damage edge. Max Q first for the extra damage and heal. Run 0/3/3 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, and movespeed.






-Raynor is a very squishy, support caster with incredible range. Take mid, or run a kill lane with a partner who has an easy stun to guarentee your silencing shot. Use your long ranged AA to harrass and deny the opponent, and your mauraders to keep an eye for a gank, rune respawn, or boss attempt. In teamfights, Mark the highest priority target and attempt to silence as many opponents as possible, but keep your distance or you will die quickly. Max Silence first. Run 0/3/3 or 1/2/3 talents taking weapon damage, depending on how aggresive you intend on being early game.






-A mule with a unique attack mechanism that throws controllable scvs at your target, Garamond is a burst caster/pusher whose full combo can devistate most heroes. Max your seeker missles first for the extra stun and damage, and practice the timing to hit them. Use your missles and oilspill to land your ult. Do not underestimate the damage your max level towers are capable of. Note that even if your ult'd scvs are killed, they still explode and deal damage. Run 0/3/3 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, and movespeed, or 0/2/4 talents if you opt for transport.






-Cyprus is a burst caster focused entirely on blasting one opponent off the map at a time. Fed, Cyprus can "systematically" terminated one hero at a time. Practice using your blink + wall + seismic + ult combo - and keep in mind more rocks means more damage on your ult, but also that your wall takes a split second to fully rise. Note that you are rather weak until level 11, but it should be your priority to get fed before then, as hitting level 11 faster then opponents means free kills. Lane Mid or Short. Run 1/2/3 talents, taking spell damage, health, armor, cooldown, raw energy, and swiftness.






-Mastermind of teamfights, Jackson is tanky initiator who sets up engagements perfect for followup AoE wreckage. In lane, he combos exceptionally with any pluck, stun, or slow - for example, Micro. Max E first for the extra AoE damage unless able to keep a target in your Q beam for the full duration. In teamfights, watch for any opportunity to blink in and ult+silence multiple priority targets. Communicate with your team so they follow up. Note: be brave as Jackson. Run 0/3/3 talents taking health, armor, zeal, cooldown, energy regen, and wealth.






-Queen is a support caster who can quickly push down towers with her ult if left alone, or likewise use it to help tank bosses. She can lane anywhere solo due to the abundant AoE on her banelings and the bonus movespeed and vision from her creep tumors. Max Q first for the lane clear it offers, and use them in conjecture with a stun or root for great burst damage against opponents. If necessary, switch lanes to heal a hurt tower with your heroic passive. Run 0/2/4 talents, taking health, armor, cooldown, energy regen, swiftness, and transport.






-Null is a caster who excells at AoE denial and can effectively lock a target down or otherwise impede movement with his forcefields, setting up all manner of AoE. Because his play revolves around his forcefields, he should be friendly to any ladder players who know both the rewards and the risk of the ability. He can take any lane, mid or side lanes with a partner. Capitalize on his near instant, long ranged autoattack to harass an opponent out of lane, and kite with his heroic passive. Max E first. Run 2/2/2 talents, taking weapon damage, spell damage, health, armor, cooldown, and energy regen.






-Summers is an early game lane bully who can farm with ease and provide free wards and great map control with his high mobility and mines. He can take any lane solo, and combos excellently with a pull such as brines, as his E Minefield has huge damage potential. Use his E Snipe to harrass whenever possible, and use his laser rifle when last hitting/denying for the extra bit of energy. Max E first. Learn the enemy's movement patterns to score easy kills with your R, though it is very weak until level 11. Run 2/2/2 talents, taking weapon damage, spell damage, health, armor, cooldown, and energy regen.






-Geneva is a caster support who excels at keeping a single target alive. As such, she works best with squishy autoattack carries, and serves as a counter to heroeslike Micro, Brine, and even Cyprus, who single out one target. Awareness in teamfights is critical to play Geneva successfully; you must know when, where, and on whom to use your skills at a moments notice. Because of her easy AoE and passive shields, she can take any lane solo, and is generally put long lane or mid. Max E first. Run 0/3/3 talents, focusing on health, armor, movespeed, cooldown, and energy regen.




















































ItemCodeDump For Beta Items














































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this is a nice idea, but wouldn't it be better to just make a post to link to all the guides? rather than searching a guide for each hero seprately.

something like they did in the hero database - hero list, but with guides

plus what is the point in doing this if a normal guide already tells you about those things?

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Not really the place to mention it, but whale is checking on this thread so i'll put it here anyways..


The other day I got on SC2 for 1 game of aos... I picked mk to try out his new Q. I had an ihan and argus, but it was barely doing any damage at all... even in lane. I started with a pendant and i felt like i would have been better off maxing my aura or marines instead.

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eh. i was tired of seeing soo many 0/3/3 talent builds.


why you get tired for something that works better?


and @OP why this?




Raynor pure support and 0 int?

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Raynor is the best caster imo and with warp shard for most of the game solves the escape issues then late game sold for phantom menace and i never have escape issues all game long


Also Raynor with 0/3/3 build with Argus, grav edge, symphonic seed, phantom menace, organic carapace and electric mantle makes the best Raynor build I've ever done/seen

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  • 2 weeks later...

i think if your looking for spell damage, there are far better heroes to pick. most of his skills still offer great utility (except his ult), even without int. also if he builds int, he tends to be soo squishy that splat.


ihan, nitrogen retrofit, yamato, seed, all of them give you hp, and as raynor you always have to buy something to scape like a warp shard, his E scales with 75% int, and thats a lot, and his ult with 100%, doing more damage if enemy is below of 40% hp, thats another reason to give him more and more burst damage, because his silence will give him that utility anyway, you dont need that items, just silence, and deal 1 million damage, let the tanks buy the supportive items

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Very helpful guide, possible the most useful post I've found on the forum for quite some time.

I'll be reading the entire guide for sure.. I guess some [update notes] would be useful for when you update a hero one way or another, as well as setting a date when the update is done?


Perfect guide for those who who can't be bothered reading an essay about each hero.


V.2 of Dastarz old guide where he gathered all heroes in same topic.

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