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Change "class" of Attack?


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I didn't know whether to put this in Character Balance or Suggestion, hopefully a mod will help place this correctly.


This is just a thought but what would the ramifications be if you were to change the type of attacks heroes do? This would primarily be directed as a STR/AGI Heroes vs INT Heroes, whereas STR/AGI heroes gain armor, and regular weapon attacks do squat, what would it be like if INT heroes did their normal autoattack as spell damage, rather than physical damage? They have so many items (casters I mean) that buff their spell damage and the like...


Just curious as to whether anyone has thoughts on this

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I mean not changing numbers or anything like that, but it'd be a conversion just like how old timescale worked like wpn spd for old Garamond.


Sorry for the whimsical post I just wondered on that to see how much a difference it'd make in INT heroes.


Thinking on it however, having an attack ignore armor (but be subject to a great deficiency if they got spellresist) might be a little too much. I was more suggesting it so caster items could affect their AA's. Silly post is silly.

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