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Name: Vision.Trevor

Portrait: High Templar

Unit Base: High Templar

Type: -

Script: "This formidable being's mental powers and reluctance to be seen have raised doubt about the nature of his existence - until he openly joined the fight in the forests of the imperial sanctum."

Starting Stats:

Base Health 280

Movement Speed – 2.85

Attack Range – 4.5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage 60

Attack Name | Animation -

Base Armor 2

Strength – 26 + [5]

Agility – 23 + [4]

Intelligence – 28 + [7] *




Heroic Passive: Intimidation

"Vision as well as all his clones always appear to have full health"


Effect: This passive forces the enemy to never know how much is needed to actually kill. You can safely gank the strongest bursters, with tiny amounts of hp, because they will never know that you are not full. Additionally, your clones also have that ability, so while they go down easily the enemy will never know, until they burn spells damaging enough to kill them.




Ability One: Soul Stowaway

" Vision's soul jumps from his body, into that of a non heroic, non massive unit, which it can control. The body remains alive, as a clone that takes 500% damage from all sources, and deals a percentage of ' max attack damage. After a few seconds, the clone dies, and the soul reemerges, killing the possessed unit. Vision will also reemerge if the unit dies."

Energy Cost: - 140/160/180/200

Cooldown: 22

Range: 4/6/8/10


Level 1: Lasts for 3 seconds, 20% of damage dealt

Level 2: Lasts for 5 seconds, 40% of damage dealt

Level 3: Lasts for 7 seconds, 60% of damage dealt

Level 4: Lasts for 9 seconds, 80% of damage dealt


Effect: a spell that allows unique deception, mobility, and creativity. Sneak around as a possessed Eye of Duran, stow away on an Speedy, fool enemies by jumping into a creep right before you are hit with the most powerful ultimates, ditch your dying, debuff-riddled body for a new one, the possibilities are endless.



Ability Two: Communication Disruption

"Target enemy unit loses all vision granted by allies, and take 30 + (12% int) damage per second and is Slowed for several seconds"

Energy Cost: -

Cooldown: 20

Range: 8


Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds. Slows for 7%

Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds. Slows for 10%

Level 3: Lasts 8 seconds. Slows for 13%

Level 4: Lasts 10 seconds. Slows for 16%


Effect: Deals solid damage over time, slowing for full duration, but most importantly cuts off vision granted by allies. Very handy in ganks, since the target will not even know in what direction it is best to run. Also great for making support heroes panic, and not even realize if they are in a good position, relative to their team.



Ability Three: Soul's Hatred (passive)

"Vision's soul deals spell damage to all nearby enemy units"

Cooldown: -

Range: AoE of 6 units.


Level 1: 16 DPS.

Level 2: 24 DPS.

Level 3: 32 DPS.

Level 4: 40 DPS.


Effect: Basically a free Superheated Mantle around your true self. Combined with Soul Stowaway, it is a strong passive indeed.



Ultimate Ability: Dreaded Sacrifice"

"Vision's body is immobile for 2 seconds, while he charges up a powerful self-destruct. During this time, Vision can still use Soul Stowaway, but cannot cancel this ability. If he or his clone (if he used Soul Stowaway) die before the channel time happens, than explosion does no damage. Vision's body is destroyed with the explosion, and if his soul is still present at the time of the explosion, it dies also.

Energy Cost:

Cooldown: 150

Range: 3


Level 1: 600 + (100% int) damage

Level 2: 1200 + (100% int) damage

Level 3: 1800 + (100% int) damage.


Effect: a VERY powerful ability with a VERY long cooldown. Use well, and wisely. It may be tempting to use Soul Stowaway, but beware, for it is considerably easier to kill, and if it dies, the big bang does no damage.

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Ok, you must have changed one of the ability names, because there is no skill called soul stowaway on this hero. From the way you talk about it im guessing its possesion, but clarification would be nice. Also, if he uses his ult, and is still in his body, he dies? Doesnt sound like a very noob friendly ability. Overall, one of the more unique hero suggestions I have seen.

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