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- IGN: Aellectris

- Server: NA (sometimes EU if needed)

- Country: USA

- Fav hero: Voltron

- Fav Item: Parallax Generator

- Comp Specs: Macbook Pro (All I know)

- Fav Food: Grilled Peanut Butter (Grilled cheese but peanut butter instead of cheese)

- Sports played: Basketball/Soccer/Football/Lacrosse

- Playing since 2.0 or 3.0, mumble since 4.0.

- Alpha/Beta Tester

- Hero Designer (With Cronos)

- Debater

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I'm going to have to try grilled peanut butter. Anyway, welcome (back) to the forums. Hope you (re)enjoy your stay!


Welcome my favorite feeder ;) oh snap, your a tester? How can feeders be testers? Seeeems legit ;) btw grilled penut butter samwich ewwwwww...

Didn't you rename your account after me? If I remember correctly it's "JustAell" now ;)

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