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Queen.Imperius Builds


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:) I love queen, she is my second favorite hero :)


Note: this is a support queen build that focuses on CDR and support and probably wont work well in pubs




Core items that i buy pretty much every game on her(order really depends on the game and how well the team is doing), though if there is a hero like MK or bio that really wants to get the CoA you can leave it out.


[symphonic seed]

-Good item though generally best to get only if you are ahead.


[Gravity edge]

-Good for more mobility, and the extra dmg isnt too bad



-Great for mobility, durability, and more timescale is always good :)


[support items, Shrapnel, lockbox, taser and so on]

-Afteryou have your core items grabbing support items goes a long way in helping your team.

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Impact Dial on queen = fun times.So far I've only tried it on the enemy hero, but I'm pretty sure that like Drake, Jackson, and other heroes with cast times, you can impact dial yourself, midcast, and get the baneling to spawn way closer to the enemy than he expects. The main Queen item is taser, though. Too many heroes have AoEs or escape abilities for you to be able to do anything useful without a stun/silence.

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Queen role is to push towers and support your enemies. Going INT build is pretty bad for her, u wont be able to do a lot of spell damage late game anyway. So CoA, Shrapnel, SHC, EM, Ihan are the best items for her. And I disagree with opinion that support builds in pubs doesn't work. If your teammates has at least basic knowledge how to play their heroes u will give a huge advantage to your team. And Queen is one of the best support heroes.

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I usually goes something like Lockbox, Argus, Gravity, Electric, SHC, Shrapnel ( Ihan any time not beginning).


I usually get Lockbox by defensive way since the cast animation for Banelings is veeeeeeeeeryyy slow, though good if you can cast it. SHC stun helps a bit on offensive and defensive purposes.


I always try to reduce the health of Squishies to 0. If I reduce it to -1500 I am wasting items

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