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[Hero] Za'gara.Queen


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Za'gara.Queen




Unit Base: Queen

Type: INT

Script: http://starcraft.wik...om/wiki/Za'gara


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

Movement Speed – 2.9

Attack Range – 5

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 41

Attack Name | Animation - Queen Spines

Base Armor – 1

Strength – 21 + [5]

Agility – 18 + [4]

Intelligence – 31 + [7]




Heroic Passive: Unworthy Foe

"Za'gara thinks that her foes are unworthy to be in her presence. This causes enemies in a 10-unit Radius to lose 5% Weapon and Spell Damage."






Ability One: Burrowing Escape

"Za'gara can burrow and escape to a location. When she burrows he can teleport to a location. The teleport radius is increased by 0.5 units every 7% Maximum Health lost. Takes Za'gara 0.5 seconds to burrow and then unburrow at the targeted location. When she burrows, she creates an egg that hatches after 2 seconds. The egg spawns a pegalisk having 30% Spell Resistance and Health equal to 210 + 30*lv. It deals Physical Damage to one unit per second and lasts up to 10 seconds. Has a movement speed of 5. Pegalisk can attack buildings."

Energy Cost: 120//100//80//60

Cooldown: 30//25//20//15

Range: 5//6//7//8


Level 1: Cost 120 Energy. 30 Second Cooldown. Range: 5 Pegalisk deals 15[+20%INT] Physical Damage per second.

Level 2: Cost 100 Energy. 25 Second Cooldown. Range: 6 Pegalisk deals 20[+20%INT] Physical Damage per second.

Level 3: Cost 80 Energy. 20 Second Cooldown. Range: 7 Pegalisk deals 25[+20%INT] Physical Damage per second.

Level 4: Cost 60 Energy. 15 Second Cooldown. Range: 8 Pegalisk deals 30[+20%INT] Physical Damage per second.






Ability Two: Egg Burst

"Za'gara throws 5 eggs equal distance from each other on the circumference of the AoE targeted radius [which is a 3 - unit radius Circle]. Each Egg will burst dealing Spell Damage in a 4-unit Radius and lowering movement speed on enemies for 3 seconds by 35%. The eggs also take 1 second to reach it's destination. In addition, when the eggs burst, they each spawn 1 Hydralisk that attacks every 2 seconds dealing Spell Damage. Hydralisk have an attack Radius of 4.5 and have a Movement Speed of 4. They also last 3 seconds and have Health equal to 70+10*lv. and no Physical or Spell Resistance. Hydralisks can attack Buildings."

Energy Cost: 85//100//115//130

Cooldown: 20//18//16//14

Range: 10


Level 1: Each Egg Burst deals 30[+20%INT] Spell Damage. Each Hydralisk deals 5[+10%INT].

Level 2: Each Egg Burst deals 45[+20%INT] Spell Damage. Each Hydralisk deals 10[+10%INT].

Level 3: Each Egg Burst deals 60[+20%INT] Spell Damage. Each Hydralisk deals 15[+10%INT].

Level 4: Each Egg Burst deals 75[+20%INT] Spell Damage. Each Hydralisk deals 20[+10%INT].


Effect: Since the eggs take 1 sec to get to destination and 2 seconds to explode, enemies have 3 seconds to avoid maximum damage. All 5 eggs hit at the exact center. Eggs don't have a collision radius and are also invince. This ability does have a massive AoE damage. Since hydralisk only last 3 seconds, they can only get a maximum of 2 attacks in.




Ability Three: Swarmling Shot

"Za'gara's attacks spawn 1 Swarmling that lasts 5 seconds and deals Spell Damage per attack. It attacks once every second and has health equal to 120+10*lv + 5% Maximum Health. In addition, Za'gara's attacks gain a slight Range bonus. Swarmlings have a movement speed of 4, and gain a % of movement speed every attack. Swarmlings last only 4 seconds. Leveling this up also increases Swarmling Spell Resistance. Lasts 6 seconds all levels. All Swarmlings lose their Spell Resistance from this ability Swarmling shot buff expires on Za'gara. Swarmlings can't attack buildings."

Energy Cost: 80//100//120//140

Cooldown: 20

Range: None


Level 1: 30% Spell Resistance on Swarmlings. Each attack gives Swarmlings +9% Movement Speed. +0.5 Attack Range. Swarmlings deal 4[+5%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: 40% Spell Resistance on Swarmlings. Each attack gives Swarmlings +11% Movement Speed. +1.0 Attack Range. Swarmlings deal 6[+5%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: 50% Spell Resistance on Swarmlings. Each attack gives Swarmlings +13% Movement Speed. +1.5 Attack Range. Swarmlings deal 8[+5%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 4: 60% Spell Resistance on Swarmlings. Each attack gives Swarmlings +15% Movement Speed. +2.0 Attack Range. Swarmlings deal 10[+5%INT] Spell Damage.






Ultimate Ability: Overturn the Hive

"Za'gara tries to overturn the Hive by spawning swarms and swarms of Banglings. All her summons turn into banglings for up to 5 seconds. Banglings have Health equal to 70+10*lv and 70% Spell Resistance. These banglings explode on death dealing Spell Damage in a 2-unit Radius. Banglings have a movement speed of 4 and gain +50% Movement Speed in a certain Radius of Za'gara. In addition, Za'gara spawns 5 banglings ontop of her which will target the closest enemy hero. All Banglings on spawn will priortize Enemy heroes in a 10-unit Radius. Banglings will deal damage to Non-heroics but will not target them, regardless if no heroics are targetable. Each Swarmling creates 1 Bangling. Each Hydralisk creates 1 banglings. And Each Pegalisk creates 4 banglings. Banglings do not damage buildings."

Energy Cost: 100//150//200

Cooldown: 100//90//80

Range: Self


Level 1: Each bangling deals 30[+20%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 2: Each bangling deals 50[+20%INT] Spell Damage.

Level 3: Each bangling deals 70[+20%INT] Spell Damage.


Effect: Very good during team battles or if you can surround an enemy.




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:

- Lockbox [Good for W and R]

- Nitrogen Refrofit [slow, especially good with summons]

- Argus Crystal//Gravity Edge [ High Damage] [ Gravity edge gives good INT too, some weap and also movement speed].

- Shrink Ray [Attack Speed, INT, and also lowers weapon damage, which can be decent with heroic passive, but good vs AA heroes.

- Star Fury [High Attack range so you can deal good INT with star fury and Attack Speed, good with [E]

- Yamato Reactor [More Attack Speed and movement speed, good for chasing and damage.]



This hero can escape fairly easily with his Q. His E is very good harassment damaging and to trap enemies that set up a great [R] The Burst [W] ability is his main source of Spell Damage from non-summons. Good with lockbox. Also very good vs creeps or units that are stunned, especially if you can keep them in the center of the circle so that all Egg bursts damage and then all the hydralisk can focus fire.




Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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