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This is Akasha


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Except it doesnt synergize for shap, its single target taunt isnt it? Which means ultimate is a giant shining button that says dont attack me for 10 sec.


I don't disagree, the idea is good but the implementation could be so much better. It would be OP to make taunt last longer, if you could implement a way such that if opponents chose to attack, they could only target Justicar but could still move or cast and that could last up to like 15 seconds or so without being OP. Though then it would be better to give passive damage back rather than an active, like Axe does from Dota.


Or as you are saying, make it an AoE taunt would be better as well. I still feel like the damage from his Ulti sucks, it does 70 + 100% armor spell damage? So like maybe 150-170 spell damage per attack? That's like the same as barbed plating would do...

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