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Jackson fix ideas


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I'm finding Roulette.Jackson very underpowered atm, and since there is already a thread on this is the character balance, I thought I would put this is the suggestions.

Change Jackson's beam to explode when it kills a unit. Why was this gotten rid of? I think his main problem is that he cannot farm to save his life.

Allow the ability to auto-explode his link when it is on. When you use is E, I think that you should be able to press E again to make the link break/hit. Its not long enough imo, but if it was longer it might be too good. Just an idea.

As for Jackson's passive, I think the range just needs to be uped. Perhaps 8 range? (it goes basically nowhere atm)

As for his ult, I think its a complete troll ability. Its worthless in 99 percent of scenarios ever. I usually use it to farm because there is so many stuns/silences on heros and items I can never pull it off, and the range is so short its not really any good anyway. I suggest it be changed to a target-spot ability. The effect can be the same, but you should target a spot and a second later it has the same affect in that direction, though the range should be more like 7-9.

Give me feedback on these ideas.

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Ohkaaaaay, I agree with the first thing.


But the others? You're just not playing him correctly. He's an INITIATOR, not a Caster.


-You use E to force them to stay near to you; not for damage.

-His Passive is incredibly powerful, if it had more range it would be OP! D:<

-His Ulti is used in tandem with an SHC or Warp Shard (or Dial if you're pro)



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BTW I'm not saying to impliment all these things, 1 or 2 to balance him.

His passive is pretty good, so its probably all right to leave that.

His E doesnt last long enough. People just stay and fight for 4 seconds then run. Beam takes so frickin long to explode it doesnt work without an item.

I know his ult. is supposed to be used with something, but it still isnt really that good. Also, I completely hate abilities that do not work without the use of a specific item (Ahem, Rory).

Thanks for the feedback.

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Jacksons one and only purpose in a teamfight is to silence and focus the enemy on a small location. At the risk of his life, and a certainty of death.

That requires teamwork, which, in most cases, does not exist in pubs. Therefore you might actually consider this hero "shap" for soloing. Otherwise he isn't. E.g.: Jackson with SHC works very well, since it stuns, which is his main purpose.

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Uhh yea... Here's how his combo goes for a little more understanding of him... SHC into the middle of enemy team, use R to group up all enemies so they can all be within range if E, proceed to Q the squishy or carry. Now you have their whole team grouped up and silenced. Packaged and ready for some friendly AoE and for your carry to destroy them. Can also throw in a Yamato to cast R faster and to tick Q faster.


That is the true purpose of Jackson. Shrapnel, Chilling, SHM, and Nitrogen Retrofit also help.


Though I would enjoy the change to Q you suggested. I guess you could add the toggle to E to give people the option for it to explode on clicking E again, especially help with creeping instead of running in, E, then run back to make it hit. The toggle would not be as useful against heroes though, since the silence is the most important part.

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If they have a lot of stuns or silences on their team when you blink in you'll want to use E first then R

If you're using Yamato or Twin-Paradox I think you'd be fine with R first still. SHC .5 second stun and a 1 second cast time cut down to like .75s allows for them a window of .25 seconds to stun you, sounds unlikely. Pretty sure as R pulls them in they are unable to cast or move for that fraction of a second as well? I suppose you could also ninja in with Phase Cloak if you haven't given the enemy team a reason to buy Truesight...


But yea, I guess if they are silent/stun heavy you would need to jump on the silencers and E first.

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My problem isnt that I dont understand this hero. However, I think that changes should be made to make him have a different role. I'm not sayinf jackson needs to be able to carry, but he shouldnt be worthless in pubs. That is part of balancing a hero, isnt it? Making it fair in pubs and inhouse?


No, you can't balance for bad players because it would break the game equilibrium. The fact that people never go as 5 and run into towers and die isn't a reason to change the game, they should just learn to play better.

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