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Name: Hunter.John V2

AGI type hero

Portrait/Unit Base: Marine/Permanently faded green-tinged marine (this is not a full fade, picture something like detected cloak minus the bright blue outline)

Type: to be determined

Script: John the hunter believes in the sacredness of life, well...that's not entirely true. He values animal life more than human...or zerg...or protoss. Really anything that isn't furry he doesn't care for.

Starting Stats:

Base Health: 240

Move Speed: 2.9

Attack Range: 6.5

Attack Speed: 1.9

Base Damage: 45

Attack Name/Animation: Buckshot (marine shooting animation would work well)

Base Armor: 2



Intellect: 21+(4)



Tibbles Base stats

Base Health: 120

Move Speed: 3.2

Attack Range: Melee

Attack Speed: 1.8

Base Damage: 50% of Hunter.John

Attack Name/Animation: Swipe

Base Armor: 4




Heroic Passive: Tibbles must live! (cost 200 energy, cast time 2 secs)

Hunter.John ressurects his dearly beloved murderous and fluffy bear Tibbles, should he ever fall in battle. Tibbles is then immune to damage for 10 seconds after being resurrected.


Ability Q:

Sick 'Em!: 16 second cooldown

John orders Tibbles to ravage the target, causing immediate physical damage based on John's weapon damage, then additional physical damage over time.

Level 1: Deals 90+50% weapon damage, target bleeds for 10% weapon damage every sec for 3 secs

Level 2: Deals 120+60% weapon damage, target bleeds for 12% weapon damage every sec for 3 secs

Level 3: Deals 150+70% weapon damage, target bleeds for 14% weapon damage every sec for 3 secs

Level 4: Deals 180+80% weapon damage, target bleeds for 16% weapon damage every sec for 3 secs


Ability W:

Volley, 18 second cooldown

Hunter.John fires off a volley of shots, dealing damage to all targets in an area of 3 over time. Channeled effect. Lasts for 4 seconds

Level 1: Deals 40+35% INT per second.

Level 2: Deals 70+35% INT per second.

Level 3: Deals 100+35% INT per second.

Level 4: Deals 130+35% INT per second



Ability E:

Tripwire, 24 second cooldown

John sets up a tripwire across a line of 5 units, tripping and stunning all targets that walks across it. Enemies are also slowed for 5 seconds after the stun duration is concluded. The tripwire is not visible to enemies without detection.

Level 1: Tripped targets are stunned for 2 seconds. Slows by 30%. Lasts for 1 trip.

Level 2: Tripped targets are stunned for 2.25 seconds. Slows by 35%. Lasts 2 trips.

Level 3: Tripped targets are stunned for 2.5 seconds. Slows by 40%. Lasts 3 trips.

Level 4: Tripped targets are stunned for 2.75 seconds. Slows by 45%. Lasts 4 trips.



Ability R:

Killer Instinct, passive

Hunter.John and Tibbles sync their minds, gaining critical hit chance, weapon damage, and movement speed when they are within 8 units of eachother.

Level 1: Grants 12% crit chance/movement speed/weapon damage

Level 2: Grants 18% crit chance/movement speed/weapon damage

Level 3: Grants 24% crit chance/movement speed/weapon damage







Something like Tripwire hasn't been seen yet in-game, and yes, killer instinct is similiar to coat of arms, only better.

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Its like the Ranger from Gw2!

Seems pretty cool, like a lone druid from Dota 2.

For W, you may want to keep int scaling at 30% for start and keep it that way, because right now its semi weak.

Q may want base damage

Ulti may need buff. Increase by about 10% at max level.

E is pretty cool.

Side note what are Tibble's stats?

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well tibbles is like a demi-hero that follows Hunter.John, attacking his target and sticking by his side when not in combat, and just some hp scaling didnt seem right, so his hp, attack speed and the like scale with level, making it seem on-level, or maybe lower than, other heroes, making him much more useful in late-game

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