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AoS Monobattle


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egon monobattle would be hysterical to watch...


And super laggy :o


I like the shadow idea but maybe with no use of his ultimate. One shadow could target another whilst another shadow targets him and everyone will be bouncing around everywhere!


Also, why were you lurker in the background?

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5 Genevas. Then you got one hero that will be invince for 12 seconds LOL.


I could imagine 5 grunties would be funny. Just chain rocket them to death. :)




5 Marine Kings - You lose a team fight, and say GG to all your towers.


5 Vergils - Use Final right when enemy finals so it avoids you.


5 Cyprus - Ulti after Ulti.


5 Leo - Mirror force ftw.


5 Garamonds - All with shadowmourne. The shadow procs heroic passive which the shadow of garamond's scvs work in his ULTI. :P SCV EVERYWHERE AHH.

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