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[Item] Mossberg Cloack


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Mossberg Cloack


Total Cost: 4300


Components: Mossberg Taser, Shrapnel Cloack


+650 Energy


+8 Armor


+25 Spell Resist


[Active] Deal 350 Spell damage and disable all weapons on enemy for 3.5 seconds and silence for 6 seconds in a 10-units radius. 60 second cooldown.


Additional Information:


This is my first time that i suggest a item,so say if you agree or disagree with something

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I'd say to make the cost 5000 and reduce the silence to 3.5 too.


Sure, it silences less than taser, but disables AA longer than cloak, and it does both at the same time making it a very good teamfight option, potentially even OP.


To keep things balanced, it should share a cooldown with both cloak and taser so that if you choose this item, you can get those two as well and be able to perma-nueter the other team.

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