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Infinite Range basic attack?  

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  1. 1. Should there be infinite range on basic attack?

    • Yes
    • Decrease to 50
    • Decrease to 40
    • Decrease to 30
    • Decrease to 20

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Date 2/7/2013



Name: Ghost.Sarah

Portrait: Sarah Kerrigan for HOTS

Unit Base: Sarah Kerrigan for HOTS

Type: Carry/Escape[Hard]

Script: Sarah Kerrigan was a very Loyal ghost to Mengsk. She had trained hard, and was an expert Commando. She fell in love with Jim Raynor, but then Mengsk threw her away because she was not needed. After becoming the Queen of Blades, and back to human again, all she wants to do is be with Raynor, and destroy Mengsk.


Starting Stats:

Base Health – 260

Movement Speed – 3.1

Attack Range – Anywhere you want, until you hit something. (see heroic passive for details.)

Attack Speed – 1.7

Base Damage – 60

Attack Name | Animation - Shoot. (looks like somebody shooting thier rifle)

Base Armor – 3

Sight - 13

Strength – 20+5

Agility – 25+6

Intelligence – 30+7




Heroic Passive: Commando Operative

Sarah Kerrigan is permanantly in First Person Perspective, because of this she can shoot anywhere, and it will fly until it hits something. Also, she doesnt have vision of behind her only infront of her in a cone. It also increases her sight distance by 0.5*LVL.


Effect: Cone is 1/3 as wide as the current distance.

She can shoot anywhere, does not require vision.

Requires custom keys to properly be played.

She has high base stats because of this.

Hard to play since sc2 FPS is kinda bad.

Her projectiles move at 10 units/second. (bullets)

Will need different UI also, like minimap elsewhere, and items/skills.

Her gun holds 10 shots.

Holding fire button will fire as fast as you can fire.






Ability One: Psionic Shroud

Sarah cloaks herself in a Psionic Shroud, dealing bonus damage then next time she attacks. During the duration, she is also cloaked and +30% spell resist as well as bonus movespeed.

Energy Cost: 60,80,100,120

Cooldown: 35,29,23,17

Range: Self Target


Level 1: Lasts 7 seconds. Deals 30+(60%INT) spell damage. +20% movespeed.

Level 2: Lasts 13 seconds. Deals 60+(60%INT) spell damage. +30% movespeed.

Level 3: Lasts 19 seconds. Deals 90+(60%INT) spell damage. +40% movespeed.

Level 4: Lasts 25 seconds. Deals 120+(60%INT) spell damage. +50% movespeed.


Effect: Damage only works if you hit target.

Great escape, as well as sneaking up on someone.




Ability Two: Psionic Bullet

Sarah makes her next shot deal bonus damage, by infusing her bullet with psionic powers.

Energy Cost: 40,55,70,95

Cooldown: 7

Range: Self Target.


Level 1: Deals 30+(60%INT) spell damage.

Level 2: Deals 60+(65%INT) spell damage.

Level 3: Deals 90+(70%INT) spell damage.

Level 4: Deals 120+(75%INT) spell damage.


Effect: 0.2 second channel.

Great for dealing damage.

Does not stack with Psionic Shroud's bonus damage.




Ability Three: Reload

Sarah reloads her gun, giving it 10 shots. She also infuses her next 3 bullets to deal bonus damage over time to the unit that it hits.

Energy Cost: 10,15,20,25

Cooldown: 3

Range: Self


Level 1: Deals 20+(25%INT) spell damage a second for 2 seconds.

Level 2: Deals 20+(25%INT) spell damage a second for 3 seconds.

Level 3: Deals 20+(25%INT) spell damage a second for 4 seconds.

Level 4: Deals 20+(25%INT) spell damage a second for 5 seconds.


Effect: Good for finishing somebody off.

Lets you shoot more.

Unlimited ammo is Bs.

0.2 second channel.




Ultimate Ability: Psionic Lockdown

Sarah uses all of her power to lockdown the entire map, slowing thier timescale down.

Energy Cost: 400,600,800

Cooldown: 240,180,140

Range: GLOBAL!


Level 1: Lasts 20 seconds. Lowers timescale by 75%. Enemy gains 3% time scale a second after initial launch.

Level 2: Lasts 20 seconds. Lowers timescale by 75%. Enemy gains 2.5% time scale a second after initial launch.

Level 3: Lasts 20 seconds. Lowers timescale by 75%. Enemy gains 2% time scale a second after initial launch.


Effect: Bullet time!

Hurts allies.

Makes landing shots really easy.





Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!

Probably stupid imbalanced, but sc2 fps sucks sooo. Idk.

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Can't she just like, shoot across the map from the pool and harass the crap out of the guy in midlane? Also Nuparu is right, that ulti is OP even if allies are slowed. Additionally, it'd annoy your allies incredibly if they're not participating in the fight(maybe you use your ult to just kill one enemy) and farming creeps or something.

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Totally just stay in pool, spam shots from across the map, would be especially funny against buildings. I'm sure someone would find a good angle, and do the ultimate form of backdoor against the Ancient- from across the map. Also double ult (two Sarahs at same time) would just be hilarious. Imagine trying to dodge a Boros/Drake with -75% ts, now that's what I call global gank pressence.

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Thing is... it would be unbelivably hard to hit someone across the map because of the creeps. You would have to wait every little bit or so, but it could be done. You couldnt one shot though. Also these projectiles are dodgeable. so if u see one rushing across the map, you could move out of way :P. Should i double the cooldowns and make max hit range to be like 30, because with the current speed that would be 3 seconds until it hits that point?

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Im not sure if i should change it... you can dodge the projectiles pretty easily though... how to create a poll for this? hmm... will be figuring that out...

Also banzai, for sniping the guy in the midlane.. if you hit any bit of terrain or any bit of a unit, it cancels the shot... so it would be difficult to land.

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It could be a whole new form of AoS Ih!

also for the comment above yours, you where the person who i saw in readers of the topic after i had seen a bottom post, so i said the A in your name xD. Not being mean, ur pretty chill.




And yeah it was me, before I bothered to read the post. It's a hilarious option, so I just had to choose it. Don't take it personally.

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I don't think it is feasible to make her premanent FPS because of performance issues. FPS mode is intense, many players would be restricted from using her because their computers aren't powerful enough to support it. I am definitely in all about a non-queen of blades kerrigan though.

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Shadowflame, thats just like maar....

Most people suck with him, but a good Maar can carry....

Also most of the time, people check out the new hero, and if they decide they like them, they play him.

If lots of people like them, then thats fine, its like a Toxi or Darpa mid.

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I tried the FPS option in a test game and on my computer, which I run every game I play on super ultra high settings (BF3/D3/SC2/PR0nhub) it really struggled to deal with FPS, and that was only me standing still. It would be unavailable for me and anyone else who has a system equal to or worse than mine.


Really like a Sarah Ghost model hero but only FPS would make her nonplayable for me.

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