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Is It Acceptable?


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Vergil kinda falls into this category too, Esp with the nerfs to judgement cut

(not saying his abilities are bad by any means, but that his playstyle is ULT -> harass w/ judgement or blink away, wait for recharge and ULT again)


I am of course making the assumption that you are hating on heros that rely on their ults for everything, since pretty much every ability has some form of use in the game.


Zera sorta falls into this too, you rarely see anyone racking kills on him without using the bubble (outside of early game tower pulls)

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have u ever read what his w does? also idk how a blink can ever be bad and his q has such short cooldown it is amazing also.

Haha you didnt read the part in ()

Vergils abilities are awesome, love playing him

I made the leap that he is mad about heros that pretty much rely on their ult to get kills and cant do all that much without it, since every ability in game is useful in some way


Otherwise I have no idea what the flop he is talking about

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It's perfectly fine on intiators and carries who are focused on winning teamfights which happen around every 2-10 minutes and later into the game. Zeratul being one of these with his gigantic ult that lets him take out almost any single hero while disabling its team as long as he has enough farm.

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For somebody creating heroes, could you have a awesome ulti but terrible other abilities?




Unless the Ultimate is like Kog'Maw's from League of Legends or DARPA's-- is on a pitifully short cooldown-- the ultimate is the icing on the cake of a hero's toolkit. It's what makes you want to play that hero-- but the other abilities are what make the hero most; as if it is an Ultimate-worthy skill.. it can't be on THAT short a CD; right?

Like Jackson. What does he do besides wait until the teamfighting begins?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. He just sorta exists with a silence and stun and damage if you engage him stupidly-- but by himself, he can't really rack up kills nor creeps.


But when the teamfights roll around, you're just counting the seconds until you can use Mass Effect again; and although Mass Effect isn't the most awesome appearance-wise you can really see the devastation it causes. But... that's an ulti-centered toolkit. Outside of Jackson's Ultimate; why would you play him? I bet you probably wouldn't play him much then, would you?


On the other hand, let's look at Akasha. His main purpose is crowd control and tanking things, preventing his allies from being stomped; and he accomplishes this with a pair of stuns on his Q and a taunt for his W-- and Consecrate just allows him to tank a bit better while also further weakening the enemy team by just a bit (slowing if he has Nitrogen Retrofit). His Ultimate just adds icing to the cake of his role, smashing enemies for attacking him-- but his Heroic Passive means that you can't just IGNORE him completely, as he forces one of your teammates to basically suicide-attack him!


Do you see the difference? Jackson's abilities make him not very powerful as a team-player without his Ultimate and thus his ability to be fun is limited when he cannot cast his Ultimate; whereas Akasha can be useful without his Ultimate and keep a presence-- and his gameplay stays the same; a tank/initiator that holds enemies off of his team while they kill-- or can use those same skills to make a quick getaway.




I HIGHLY recommend these two topics:






Because they can say everything I could want to say and then some. =w=

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Well that was really indepth, thank you, i will refrain from making heroes with op ultis and weak qwe

I think that would be kinda boring >.< i mean if you did infact follow through with making it based on just having a good ulti. As for Boros he gets so much hate but hes my favorite character XD. I rarely R and if i do its just for the hell of it. sometimes Ill start with R then hook Bola from wherever i land XD.


I say make a hero with awesome QWE with a less interesting R. :3

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