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Sell then leave?


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Hello, this is my first thread so please don't berate me too hard... Actually, I might like it.


I used to play SOTIS back a bajillion patches ago before Battlefield 3 was released. Back then players had to sell before they left in order to allow the money to be redistributed to the teammates they were abandoning. Recently I've started playing AoS and was in a game with a... we'll just call it what it is... a food rapist. After he died something close to 850 times, he had such a rager that he had to leave the game and take care of it. When he left (mid-late game at this point) we received 0 minerals.


Does this mean that he did not sell first, or that he did sell and we don't get a cut of his rupees? Is there a way to change it so no matter if he sells or not the money is redistributed? If that is already the situation then it must mean that he was such a chodemaster that he sold his stuff and bought consumables.

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I didn't notice my minerals increase, but that doesn't mean they didn't. I may have just missed the mineral jump while in combat. I'm just curious what really helps my team the most in the event that I might have to leave mid-game to do something important like help a friend, get to work, or take a super huge dump.


Edit: Thanks Nova.

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No problem :)

I figured this out cause on 2 occasions i had to drop out of a game. Thinking it gave them what i had at top of screen i sold all my items to increase this amount I had around 7k. As soon as i hit the Leave button i saw the note that was displaid apon my leaving stating that allies gained 0 minerals. Therefore i can say its strictly based on worth of your current items.

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55% of the time I end up leaving, it goes like this:



[Nuparu] Dude, Player, for your hero, you don't need AA items. You're drake. Build tanky...

[Player] flob you, l2p scrub

[Nuparu] I'm 11-1... how the flob are you telling me to L2P? You're 0-16...

[Player] you let me die scrub

[Nuparu] I was ganking, how the flob do you die 1v1 as drake to a micro anyways...

[Player] you suck.

[Nuparu] -surrender

Surrender vote has failed!

[Nuparu] ...it's 12-45, I have 11 of the kills... you guys should surrender.

[Player 2] ...we're fine ill carry as shadow (record: 0-12)

[Nuparu] They're pushing T3 and we can't do anything, my darpa can't 1v5. You're all feeding. God, and no one listens...

[Player 3] gtfo (1-4)

[Nuparu] Well then.

Nuparu has left the game!

0 minerals have been given to the Zerg Hivemind!



And that's the conclusion that pub players suck, and they kind of deserve it sometimes when they refuse to listen. But it is kind of annoying. :P

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That was quite an interesting transcript there. In fact, I'm at work and I feel like RQing something. *Closes Microsoft Outlook with Fury!*


In my most recent 0 mineral occurance we were still competitive and I didn't see a reason to RQ. I guess his lane partner sucked, or since I was playing Drake at the time I was probably 0-16 AA Drake and blind to my own suck.

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