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Aidanderson's guide to support


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This is probably the most important role in the early game. One of the reasons im making the support guide first is because NO ONE F***ING PLAYS SUPPORT IN THIS GAME.


Now that tha is out of the way, I will tell you a few viable support heros. The first and full support is egon. This is because he has 2 heals and can give energy to his lane partner. This gives his lane A TON of sustain. The second good support is queen. Her heal is very good for her dps lane partner to stay alive and her q is good for harass. Theses are the only two supports with a heal. Just because a hero does not have a heal doesn't mean he can't be a support. There are many good supports because of their cc. Heros like micro lz and raynor have cc and auras that benefit the dps carry in their lane. Micro has a toss a slow and a stun. These help the dps stay alive and get early kills. Lz has a defensive aura and a snare that holds enemy's. Also he had a shield at level 6 that can turn an enemy tower dive into a baiting double kill. Raynor has a dps aura, damage amplification, and a silence which helps for last hits and early kills.


Since we now have a good idea of what kinds of heros are supports, we can now discuss starting items. Good support items are: sustainer, space battery, duran's pendant, radar toolkits, and hp/energy pots. All of these items give sustain and the radar toolkit gives you a warning for ganks. It also tells you when aeon is being taken by the enemy. If you do not know which item(s) to choose, if u have a heal get space battery or the ring, if you don't then get a sustainer and a toolkit and get pots with the rest of your money.


Now that we have our hero and starting items, what masteries and spells do we get??? ON ANY SUPPORT HERO GET SCAN. For masteries get armor, magic resist, hp and hp regen in defense. In utility get respawn reduction, energy regen, avarice, and scan. The rest is up to you.


Now for the most important part: laning. If you read my laning guide, then u know that you go top. There are 2 reasons for this: the first is for controll of Aeon. The second reason is so that your dps carry gets fed and doesn't die in lane. While in lane DO NOT LAST HIT MINIONS. The reason for this is so that your dps hero gets the farm. Your job is to help the dps carry stay alive and to DENY YOUR MINIONS. The reason you deny is so that your dps carry can focus on last hitting instead of denying. Also it puts the enemy behind in xp and in money. This means your carry will snowball well into the late game and their dps carry will just feed and contribute nothing to team fights.


1) Should the support get kills?

No, but if the dps is not going to get it then you should get it so you get money.

2) What boots do I get?

Cool down boots for the active so your team has energy.

3) What do I do in team fights?

Keep the dps carry alive and the caster alive if they get focused down.

4) What are good late game items?

Lockbox is good for cc and just int for your spells mainly. Also it's a good idea to get aura items so your team has more survivability.

5) What do I do if my dps carry sucks and feeds?

You can do one of two things: you can go DPS SUPPORT FTW, or you can just heal the sh*t outta him. Also buying pots and giving them to him can increase his survivability if you don't have a heal.


Thank you for reading my support guide for AoS. The next role guide in the series is dps carry.

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I think the problem is the amount of dominance (did I spell this right?) carries and teamfight heroes have over pure supports as well as sheer numbers.


The few heroes that can viably play pure support seem to be Rory and Queen. Maybe Micro and MAAR, possibly Egon.

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Yes you are right, the point of having a support is to gain lane dominance. I'm not saying have a million supports. I'm saying the ad (attack damage) carry should have a support in lane with either a heal or a lot of cc and disables. This allows for lane dominance so that the ad carry can get fed on creep kills or if you play your cards right hero kills. You need a support to "babysit" the ad carry so that he can level and get money. I'm just saying people should think about team composition instead of picking your favorite hero. That is why people play in premades. I'm just trying to change the meta of this game.

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