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Egon. Stetmann V.1.77


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Egon is a SUPPORT HERO so if you only care about your k/d in pubs or inh don't play this hero, there are many heroes that you can get a much higher k/d than this hero ever could.


Basic Overview:

Egon's job is to annoy the enemy team as much as possiable: lowering the farm of the emeny team(by healing creeps, silencing ect), saving your team mates, and killing emenies that run away with very low hp(which is the most fun thing to do)


Heroic passive: Science!

whenever Egon casts a spell, he reduces the cooldown of his abilities by 2.

targeting a non heroic unit with caustic slave or proton pack will lower it's cooldown and energy cost by 50%


This heroic passive allows Egon to cast his abilies on creeps without being wasted, they will survive longer and will be harder to kill therefore will lower the farming abilities of the enemy heroes.


Ability 1: Caustic Slave


Restore health to target ally or deal the same amout as spell damage to target emeny (75% against heroes) over 12 seconds, this can stack up to 3 times, if the target has less than 35% hp, Caustic Slave will tick as though it has 4 stacks.


restore or deal 40/60/80/100 (+60% INT) spell damage per stack

costs 70/80/90/100 energy and cooldown is 10/8/6/4



Ability 2: Proton Pack


Restore energy to target ally, or deal the same amout as spell damage and slience target enemy for 3 seconds


Restore or deal 60/90/120/150 (+100% INT) spell damage.

cost 40/60/80/100 energy and has 20 seconds cooldown on all levels



Ability 3: Disinfecting Ward


Egon plants a ward that lasts 10 seconds. wards have 40+20*level health and 50% spell resist, and restore a percentage of thier maximum health per second to nearby allies.

Restore 1/2/3/4% maximum health per second.

cost 100/150/200/250 energy and has 40 seconds cooldown on all levels.


Ability 4: Medical Marvel


Egon gains a massive Intelligence, movement speed, and removes debuffs for 12 seconds.

while affected by Medical Marvel Caustic Slave ticks as though it has 4 stacks.


gain 80/120/200 int and 5/10/15% movement speed

costs 125/225/325 energy and has 120/100/80 cooldown




Item build/Guide:


please note: items and builds can change due to team compotion therefore do not follow this guide blindly unless you are new to the game.


starting items:


:SpaceBattery: :Space Battery: and wards/potions depends on what you prefer, usually i get :SmokeScreen: :Smoke Screen:

because it's a very useful potion and sometimes people don't bother with detection at all.


after you got your space battery build it to :Eternal Drive: since you'll be getting even more healing powers than before, use this time often since you can save your own and team mates lives with this.


after that i recommend getting :Lost Treasure: for extra cash and energy/health regen.


from here it can go 2 ways:

A.are you getting focused alot?


B. your team mates die too quickly?


If it's A, i recommend getting :LifeTechNanosuit: :LifeTech Nanosuit: when your health drops below 35% not only you regen 30% of your max health, you also regen 20% of your max health(from your first time) and your Caustic Slave ticks as 4 stacks.


If it's B, get :TwinParadoxIsolator: :Twin Paradox Isolator: then late game upgrade it to :YamatoReactor: :Yamato Reactor: if your team mates still die quickly and you are not being focused as much.


your Q will tick quicker, so your team mates will get healed quicker.


then get the other option( if you chose A go for B and the other way around)


:IhanCrystal: :Ihan Crystal: should be your 4th time, sell it after you get stacks


usually here i get :NitrogenRetrofit: :Nitrogen Retrofit: nice int and hp boost and it helps your team mates to chase enemies.


Finally, the last 2 items are situational, for example: if the emeny team is heavy dependent on AA heroes to carry the game, i get :ShrapnelCloak: :Shrapnel Cloak: and :ElectricMantle: :Electric Mantle:, and if they are more dependent on casters to carry, i get :SpellBuffer: :Spell Buffer: and :MossbergTaser: :Mossberg Taser: if 3 seconds of silence isn't enough.

sometimes you can keep buffing your own team by getting items such as :CoatofArms: :Coat of Arms: and :KorhalVanguard: :Korhal Vanguard:

and if you see yourself rarly die you can also get :Olympic Torch: and :Blue Gene:


also the 2 best items that saved countless of lives in pubs: :ImpactDial: :SchrodingersLockbox:


Talents :there are a few ways you can get those: usually i get 1/2/3 as in cunning, fitness,integrity,prodigy brilliance and youth.

but i've been tring replacing cunning with overlord, why?

because then your creeps get 20% resist, which makes them alot harder to kill and alot eazier to heal, which will slow the enemy farming ability, eazier to push towers, and i don't really believe that 5 extra dmg on emenies per 100 spell damage is going to be game breaking (cunning does not affect your healing abilities).


Ability build: Q,W,Q,W,Q,R,Q,W,W,E,R,E,E,E,T,R,T,T


How to play Egon step by step:


step 1) Be defensive, Egon has a very low health pool therefore will die quickly if caught off guard

go mostly for assists don't try getting the kills, that way you'll die less and can get eazily 10 stacks on :blue gene: and so on.


step 2) The laning phase, it doesn't really matter, as long as you don't go mid, try to keep all the creeps on at least one stack of your Q, because it will always tick as 4 stacks once they fall below 35% and it lasts for 12 seconds.

you can also harrase your enemies by trying to stack Q on them, but i wouldn't recommend untill your Q reaches level 4-3, or if you got a good teamate who can also harrase them.


step 3) The Midgame: just like before, but instead on creeps do it on heroes, every hero should have at least 1 stack of Q, the ones who take more damage should be casted on more often.

and one important thing: ward, ward, wards everywhere!!!

Egon doesn't need items to be a good support, so don't worry about wasting money on potions and wards!


and i dunno about lategame, it's almost the same.


step 4) now, how to use his abilies to be effective:

In a team fight it should go as the following:

Q on 1 hero E, Q on 2nd hero W, Q on 3rd hero, ulti Q on 4th hero

and DO NOT cast his abilities on emeny heroes who have :ParallaxGenerator: :Parallax Genetator: unless it's just for the assist, since Egon's spells are all based on buffs/debuffs.


now you got all your team mates on 4 stacks of Q for 12 seconds, you are debuff immute, and have boosted movement speed for 12 seconds, don't worry though, team fights don't last more than 12 seconds.

if you find one of your team mates low on hp, try using items to save him: for example if a shadow chases him, use shapel, he gets 3 extra seconds of heal.



think this guide is finished, missing a few pictures here and there though

would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.


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