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New Item Wanted


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Sorry but no. Stun Baton is correct right now, if you want a bm stun every 5 attacks, you will get bad stats, you can't ask for that shap +50 damage or 50 agility.

Do you understand that STR and INT heros need stuns to kill AGI heros and Stun Baton just give AGI heros that for free?

I mean, hey I can scape Shadow blinking with Warp Shard... 10 minutes later, oh flob now I cant move even 1 unit because I'm perma stunned, seems that we should make a tier5 Stun Baton because this is not enought.


Why we dont make T5 upgrade to Barbed Plating and give 50 armor to everyone HappyForeverAloneGuy_normal.jpg

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So negative.


I have 2 words for you, Shrapnel Cloak. A completely bs item that takes out ANY AGI char. Stun Baton is nowhere near the bull that Shrap is.


To your arguement, I say: "The End."


Oh and Casters are complete Bull now too.


End Game now usually consists of Cyprus and/or Rancor One Shotting everyone even tanks. By One Shotting I mean their Combo attack, as most pubbers refer to any Combo Attack as a One Shot Kill. So stop whining about AGI chars because INT chars have gotten buff after buff while AGI chars have gotten nerf after nerf.


And to your infered arguement I say: "Good Night."

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