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I got a laugh out of it; but pressing R does nothing


Gotta click


Also, for Boros it's a flowchart:

____/>If land; hit Q and R+Click


____\>else; go to BOLA


Zeratul can do more than Phase Strike => Ulti => Planar => Run; but that IS the majority of what Zeratul players do =[

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I would consider Prelate one of the more difficult heroes to use well. Sure hes easy against rub-a-dub-scubs, but against good players you really need precise control and positioning, as well as understanding of what role you need to fill on your team.


Its certainly not reduced to pressing R at the right time.


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This is the complete novice to advanced guide for boros and zera. This guide contains all you need to know to be a pro boros/zera player. The complexity of this guide may steer you away from using these heros, but dont worry with enough practice you will be pro in no time. enjoy.





End guide.

ur an idiot. Playing Boros requires more then just using omnislash. 1st of all. Ur sometimes not gonna even kill some1 with the final slash..you have to time a perfect bola after they try n run away..or pull b4 u ulti to isolate them..do some dmg then ulti. Also Boros with a warp shard and a shrap cloak is leathal. Oh and it's q then r btw. Thx.
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