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[Ragethread]Number of good games in EU is >10%


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Don't really know what/if anything can be done about this, But the quality of pub games is atrocius, it'ss getting to the point where I'm stopping myself playing it full stop due to blood pressure rising. Decided to play a few games today and keep some notes.


today so far


1. 5 dc's. 3vs2, one of our team went afk for twenty minutes, then returned with a 'lol don't cry'.

2. 1 dc, 5vs4, suicidal newbie built up a 0-7 then left, they won

3. crippling lag from their 2 players.

4. okey game. lost

5. 3 dc's/leavers on other team, we had stun so fast GG.


Is this what most people are experiancing on the servers?! i really like this game, but i can't keep playing it if it pushes up my stress level like this.

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