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AA drake


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A serious build that does actually work well because it gives Drake what he needs (defense) and limited AA ability and the ability to chase with an attack is the following:


(1) Superheated

(2) Organic Carapace

(3) Ihan

(4) Barbed Plating

(5) Electric Mantle

(6) Sliptyde Scythe

(7) Pyre


I am sure you have seen me post this build before, but you obviously don't get your last two AA items till the end when Drake can't do a whole lot to score kills on his own late game. This is obviously a pub build as you can usually count on horrible teammates every other game unless you are gayer than a mumbler and do premades, but it gives solid spell resist with electric mantle and sliptyde scythe (53% when attacking), solid armor from superheated, sliptyde, and barbed plating, and a little extra speed for maintaining chase with sliptyde combined with martyr.


In fact this is my standard Drake build now because enemies simply can't just ignore you in battle and go after your allies because you are a DPS threat as well.

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