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Wards a make her visable


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Gotta ward shouldn't take to long,

Chrono Elixir I don't need it on,

Get boiied at by Whale cuz I warded wrong,

Stealing all the kills for that income.


Keep buying wards and then some,

Behind enemy lines I'm just strollin,

They pop that scan up in the air,

I threw my mouse cuz they just dewarded.


I ward that shap when they gone,

See a shimmer dey know its me,

They got scans brought 3,

I got killed, felt my heart sink.


Bent me over other team,

Gone rape me around my taint,

You say rancor's a cloaked wussy, (can't say pussie(y) because it comes out neko?)

Yet he'll squish like an ant.


Nukes errwhere,

Showin nukes im launchin nukes,

In the bush damn straight I'm cloak sniping that.


Killstreak bonus tippin,

Dat broke egon's lookin,

And it ain't Aos if nothings broken.


Yeah this is what juicy J would be singing if his song was about AoS.

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It's like DotA 2 keys have undergone inflation. They're not valuable anymore because everyone has like 10 of them. They could really just release it right now, or at least under "open beta" with no keys necessary. All that's left is... what, 10 heroes? Still got 90% of the hero pool right there.

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