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Demons Bite

Total Cost: 5500

Components: Arcbound Ravanger (3650), Hyperion Incinerator (1650)


+10% Move speed

+40% Attack speed

+40% Critical strike

+50 Weapon Damage



[unique] Every attack gives you +2% Move speed and +5 Weapon damage for 2 seconds (stacks up to 10 times, stack timer refreshes with every stack.)


A late game upgrade for Arcbound?

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I'd like Arcbound to be more similar to Phantom Menace. As currently it doesn't seem all that powerful except for the High Movement Speed it gives you. The High attack speed isn't really worth it because you need Damage to do high damage, and if you get it later game, the Attack speed portion is usually worthless as most heroes DPS heroes have maxed attack speed.


If arcbound gets an upgrade component to about 5K Cost, id like it to be somewhere around

+12% Movement Speed

+45% Crit

+45% Attack Speed

+5% Crit Damage

Unique: Gain +4% Timescale.


Something like that :P. Making it a more valid Crit Item and Movement Speed item. [Timescale slightly helpful for faster AA, Movement speed helps a lot, High Crit, and adds a small bit of Crit Damage so getting it isn't entire just for movement speed as many heroes tend to late game already have Max Attackspeed and maxed Crit chance.

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No I think arcbound is an extremely good item. The only problem is compared late game to other items, it loses shine. It doesn't have any damage benefit. So, if you get arcbound early-mid game, lategame after you have a lethal and khali up-grade the arcbound so it would be more on par with the other items.

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