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medic ultimate


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Leech appears to be based on incoming damage to your target but caps out on their maximum health. If you attack with a Machete and no other leech and 500 Attack Damage to one of your own creeps that presently has about 50 health, your leech box says 2.


So I think that leech happens before mitigation, but you can't leech more damage than you could actually do before mitigation

(and I know that that didn't make much sense, I'm sorta out of it right now)

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if what eliwan says, you leech before midigation that would be kinda bs, because leech should be based of the damage you actually do. ie, if someone has enough physical resist to reduce 500 physical damage down to 100, and they only have 20% leech they should only heal for 20. leech is already op as is on auto attack heros which good damage. almost all agility heros max attack speed using masamune. you can already out leech barb when using darwin might.

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