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Name: Tanka.Lisk

Portrait: Mutalisk

Unit Base: Mutalisk

Type: Tank/Carry [Hard]

Script: Tanka was tired of being thought of as the weak mutalisk that everybody could shoe away. So he decided to train himself taking in increasing amounts of pain to give him super powerful armour. He soon was able to take massive amounts of damage and barely feel it, and deal it to enemies, as well as lower thier armour.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300(670 lvl 1)

Movement Speed 2.95

Attack Range 1.5

Attack Speed – 1.8

Base Damage 50

Attack Name | Animation - Spinny Slap! (mutalisk spins around slapping target)

Base Armor 5

Strength – 30+7

Agility – 20+6

Intelligence – 17+3




Heroic Passive: Toughened Armour

After training for a long time Tanka has extremely durable armour in which is very hard for enemies to destroy. Along with gaining armour when he is hit, the target also loses it.


Effect: Whenever Tanka is hit by an attack he gains +1 armour for 30 seconds and the person who hit him loses 1 armour for 30 seconds. Also, whenever he attacks he lowers thier armour by 1 for 30 seconds and gains +1 armour for 30 seconds.




Ability One: Sapping Armour

Whenever Tanka attacks an opponent they lose a % of healing equal to the amount of armour that Tanka is.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: Passive


Level 1: 1% per armour

Level 2: 1.5% per armour

Level 3: 2% per armour

Level 4: 2.5% per armour


Effect: It is like Executioners Axe






Ability Two: Extended Wings

Tanka increases the size of his wings, letting him slap more things.

Energy Cost: Passive

Cooldown: Passive

Range: Passive


Level 1: Range increased to 2

Level 2: Range increased to 2.5

Level 3: Range increased to 3

Level 4: Tanka hits all units in 360 degrees around him with basic attacks.


Effect: Basically now he hits all things in a 3 unit radius with his basic attacks.

Does not leech on additional targets or proc items.




Ability Three: Cover Up

Tanka surrounds target unit, allowing himself to eat them while they are trapped. Makes himself and target unit invulnerable during this time, except from Tanka's bites.

Energy Cost: 80 100 120 140

Cooldown: 30,27,24,21

Range: 3


Level 1: Lasts 4 seconds, deals 30+(40%INT) spell damage a second.

Level 2: Lasts 4 seconds, deals 50+(40%INT) spell damage a second.

Level 3: Lasts 4 seconds, deals 70+(40%INT) spell damage a second.

Level 4: Lasts 4 seconds, deals 90+(40%INT) spell damage a second.


Effect: Single Target Cast





Ultimate Ability: Magical Protection

Tanka has toughened himself for so long that he can now make himself durable to magic for a short time.

Energy Cost: 150, 250, 350

Cooldown: 150, 110, 70

Range: Self


Level 1: Tanka gives himself 1% spell resist for every point of armour he has, lasts 10 seconds.

Level 2: Tanka gives himself 2% spell resist for every point of armour he has, lasts 13 seconds.

Level 3: Tanka gives himself 3% spell resist for every point of armour he has, lasts 16 seconds.


Effect: This makes him really hard to kill

Like Spell Storm

Countered by Grav Edge




Additional Information


Recommended Item Build:


Starting Items:


Mid-Game Items:


Late-Game Items:


Core Items:


Optional Items:




Closing statement

Tanky Mutalisk... Who coulda seen that coming?

Im terrible at balancing, so if things need to be nerfed signifigantly, just say.


Will get to items later.

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I could see the same problem with old tychus with this hero.. His heroic passive seems a bit weak and his ultimate ability is ridiculous seeing as if he has 40 armor he'll have 120% spell resist for 16 seconds.. The problem with old tychus is that he was extremely tanky and he would do a ton of damage.. And i could see that same issue with this hero.

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