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Type- STR

Model- Baneling(roll)

Portrait- Baneling

Weapon- Spines, melee, 1.8 AS, can attack while moving.


A modified baneling, Bane stalks his enemies at length in order to take out as many as possible when his time finally comes.


[Heroic Passive]Doomed-

Bane knows that all banelings are destined to explode, and is determined to live his life to the fullest.

Gains (Max Health-Current Health)/5 Health Regen.

Explodes upon death, dealing 100(+15*hero level) [+100% INT] True Damage in a radius of 3.

Recap- Good sustain early game, and dangerous to engage at close range.


[Q]Rolling Horror[Passive]-

Bane rolls across the uneven terrain, gaining Movement speed for 1 second at regular intervals.

Occurs every 6/5/4/3 seconds, gains 20/30/40/50% Movement Speed.

Recap- Good for chase or escape. Looks cool.


[W]Acid Pool-

Bane sacrifices 5% of his Maximum Health to create an acid pool 3 units wide that lasts 5 seconds, that deals spell damage equal to (20/30/40/50% of Missing Health) [+40% INT] every second, and slow the enemy by 25%.

Cooldown- 20 seconds, 2 charges


Energy cost- 80/110/130/150

Recap- Goes along with the whole "death" thing. The more enemies focus him down, the more damage the pools deal.


[E]Whirling Spines[Passive}-

Bane's body is covered in spikes that damage nearby enemies as he rolls, and push them in the direction he is facing.

Deals 40/60/80/100 [+20% INT] Damage per second.

Recap- Good for initiating or zoning.



Teleports to the target location and sprays acid in a radius of 5, dealing 200/300/400 [+80% INT] Spell Damage. Gains 25% Movement Speed and Debuff Immunity for 5 seconds.'

Recap- Nuff said.

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Gains (Max Health-Current Health)/5 Health Regen.


So if he has (early-mid game) 1500 total hp and he has just 700 because he is farming neutrals for example, he has 160 hp regen?

if he is in late game with 3000 hp, after a teamfight he has 800 hp he will have 440 hp regen per second?


You dont say if that "health regen" is per second or not, but if its just health regen, its supposed to be health regen each second



how to kill this hero?


if he is in the very late game with that 3000 hp and he has 400, being chased, the next second he will have 920, and the next second, 1336.


I dont know if im stupidly wrong or you didnt think much about it D:


hope my feedback helps

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