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Tosh Spectre stuns key


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This may be a noob thing to ask but I went to play tosh today and since I have only played him once before ( a long time ago) I dont know the key for his spectre stuns, now usually i would look to the grid which is on the right hand side, but since the ui has changed I cant do that. I tried individually clicking on the spectre to see the skill but couldnt find it.


Oh and I have a custom key config as well, so I dont know if that stuffs everything up.


Any actual help would be appreciated

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If you highlight a specter you can see the small skill box just mouse over it and it'll show the hot key. I use grid and mine is "s"


Ah I see, I was missing the small box, its quite easy to miss when you are actually playing a game.


For some reason mine was set to f2 lolol

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