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Name: Darkseeker.Eclipse

Portrait: Spine Crawler

Unit Base: Spine Crawler (alterations to make him look more like a scorpion)

Type: Str Dissabler/Tank

Script: Although blind, Darkseeker is a master hunter and fearless fighter. His abilities allow him to masterfully disable single targets and locate prey.


Starting Stats:

Base Health 280

Vision Range: 0

Movement Speed – 2.85

Attack Range – 4.5

Attack Speed – 1.9

Base Damage

Attack Name | Animation - Venomous Sting

Base Armor 3

Strength – 34 + [8]

Agility – 28 + [5]

Intelligence – 20 + [4]




Heroic Passive: Hunting Pulse

"Every 4 - (0.02 * % maximum hp remaining) seconds, Darkseeker sends out a hunting pulse, in a circle around him, visible only to him. Every enemy/neutral unit touched by the pulse is revealed for 3 seconds, and if it is heroic, it also sends out a pulse in a circle around it (a single pulse can only chain between heroes 3 times). Pulse sent out by Darkseeker is blue, returning pulse from enemy heroes is red, both traveling at 8 units/second. Every time Darkseeker comes in contact with a returning pulse, he gets + 50% movement speed for 0.4 seconds. Max pulse range of 16.


Effect: Darkseeker is blind, so you'd think that he would be dumb to venture out alone, where friendly creeps/heroes don't give him vision. You'd be wrong. This ability allows Darkseeker to "see" around him, as well as gives him a super powerful scouting tool, if the player knows how to use it. Additionally, it gives him some movement speed bonus when around heroes. If you think that this bonus is short, imagine 5 enemy heroes clumped up, pulsing each other from close range, sending an almost infinite amount of returning pulses to Darkseeker, giving him an almost permanent 50% movement bonus.




Ability One: Leap

"Darkseeker leaps and attaches on target enemy hero, dealing 70 + (25% int) damage over time. Over this duration, a percentage of ALL the damage Darkseeker receives is transferred to the target as true damage. During this time, Darkseeker cannot attack, but can use other abilities."

Energy Cost: -

Health Cost: 15% Current hp

Cooldown: 16

Range: 6


Level 1: Lasts for 1 second, 40% of damage received

Level 2: Lasts for 2 seconds, 55% of damage received

Level 3: Lasts for 3 seconds, 70% of damage received

Level 4: Lasts for 4 seconds, 85% of damage recieved


Effect: Initiation, damage and a "I wouldn't shoot me just now, if I were you" ability. Very handy if you jump on the enemy carry, and their overzealous cyprus chooses that moment to ult you. *Note: the self damage done by his other spells IS also dealt to the target.



Ability Two: Poison Sting

"Darkseeker injects target enemy with his venom, which removes all positive buffs, reduces Time, and deals damage over 3 seconds"

Energy Cost: -

Health Cost: 25% Current Hp

Cooldown: 20

Range: 3


Level 1: Reduces Time by 10%, deals 20 + (25% int) spell damage per second

Level 2: Reduces Time by 15%, deals 30 + (25% int) spell damage per second

Level 3: Reduces Time by 20%, deals 40 + (25% int) spell damage per second

Level 4: Reduces Time by 25%, deals 50 + (25% int) spell damage per second


Effect: One of the more painful abilities to be hit by. Does not do that much damage, and has a very short range, but makes up for it by removing all positive buffs, and reducing time.


Ability Three: Weaken (Passive)

"Hunting Pulse automatically silences and slows movement speed of all units for 1 second, if they are below a certain percentage of health, and within 5 units of the Pulse's origin."

Energy Cost: -

Cooldown: -

Range: AoE of 3 units.


Level 1: <20% of max hp required. Slows movement speed by 14%.

Level 2: <30% of max hp required. Slows movement speed by 21%.

Level 3: <40% of max hp required. Slows movement speed by 28%

Level 4: <50% of max hp required. Slows movement speed by 35%


Effect: Takes advantage of clumped up units, while not being that serious on lone heroes. If you are all together, and then get jumped by Darkseeker, and perhaps a few other AoE spells, then you'll all be slowed and silenced. The Darkseeker-Jackson combo stacking is superbly deadly.




Ultimate Ability: Clouds of Death

"Darkseeker releases deadly clouds of gas that blind friend and foe alike, and deal a percentage of maximum hp as true damage, per second. This percentage of Max Hp is restored, per second to self. If Darkseeker dies, this ability is released automatically, regardless of cooldown."


Energy Cost: -

Health Cost: 10% Current Hp

Cooldown: 100//80//60

Range: -


Level 1: Lasts 5 seconds, 3% max hp dealt as damage, cloud AoE of 5

Level 2: Lasts 6 seconds, 4% max hp dealt as damage, cloud AoE of 6

Level 3: Lasts 7 seconds, 5% max hp dealt as damage, cloud AoE of 7


Effect: Deals pretty impressive damage, as well as blinds, and restores health to self and allies. You have to beware when and where you use it, though, because allies are blinded as well. *Note: does NOT resurrect him.

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The whole blindness thing is really interesting. Its a great hero concept. A little imbalanced though.


His heroic passive is fine when he is by himself given that he has no sigh range, but when he's making with an ally, that drawback is removed while he gets a free 16 range anti-gank tool. Also, does it "reveal" cloak units and Shadow in his ulti? That might be OP.


Q is fine except for the duration scaling. Too weak at early levels if you also consider that the damage transfer scales as well. I suggest 2.5/3/3.5/4 second duration.


Given the high energy cost and low duration of W, I think the heal reduction could be a little higher. 20% higher maybe? Duration and energy cost should offset it's additional buff removal and damage effects.


E seems too strong to me. It'd make it incredibly easy to hunt down any caster hero, since you could easily take off 40% of their hp with a sunflare or maybe a couple of AAs. You're quite safe from retaliation with your Q.


R is fine I guess.

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I don't like E at all; I understand that it has a very short range and all... just a free silence is pretty broken. As Banzaiguy said; you can just use any ability on a caster and they are permanently silenced...


I like the idea-- I would suggest lowering the health percentage by like 10% and making it a toggled ability that drains energy each second.

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Major changes done:


-Venomous Sting no longer reduces Healing, instead reducing Time

-All abilities that involved % of max energy, now involve % of Max Hp, or Current Hp.

-Panic changed to Weaken, which now silences and slows units touched by Hunting Pulse, so long as they are within 5 units of its origin. Effect now has a duration with each pulse, however if you are close to any allies when Hunting Pulse hits you, it's not going to matter.

-% of Weaken and Venomous Sting reduced, slightly.

-Ult now gives back Maximum health to Darkseeker, no longer giving anything to allies. Ultimate also automatically casts on death. All of this means that no matter who you are, you should probably avoid standing too close to Darkseeker.

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