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attack speed cap and time.


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As Midknight always says, Attack Speed is a misnomer, it means "Attack Cooldown"


Max Attack Speed varies for each hero, so let's just assume we're a random hero that magically has 1.5 attack speed by base.


Max Attack Speed for said hero is 1.5 / 4 = 0.375


So if you have +400% Attack Speed [cap]; and you have 2 +25% Time Scale buffs-- a fully charged up Masamune and an active Yamato Reactor-- your fixed attack speed should be circa


( [Attack Speed pre-Time Scale] / (1.25) ) / 1.25 => 0.375 / 1.25 / 1.25 => 0.3 / 1.25 => 0.24


So 4 attacks per second if I did math right, which I might have not as I'm quite angry at the moment.

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so if your at max attack speed, and you have masamune and yamato reactor. what is your attack speed going to be at. basically how do you calculate in the 25% time from both items. math formula.


25% time = everything shows in number, you will do it 25% fast.


If your hero can do 4 attack per game second, after 25% time scale boost, your hero will do 5 attack instead.


If your hero regenerate 10 HP per game second, after 25% time scale boost, your hero will regenerate 12.5 HP instead.


If your hero moves in a speed of 4 unit per game second, after 25% time scale boost, your hero will move at a rate of 5 unit per game second instead.



It does not matter if your hero is max'd in attack speed or not, the time scale will speed it up anyway since it speed you up your own time compare to all others. It will make you faster regardless.


Since the game is present to you as a third person view and you're controlling your hero from a spectator point of view, your hero will appear doing everything faster in compare to others.


If Starcraft II has a FPS mode, you'd be seeing everything else around you in slow motion while you remind the normal speed.

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Well I'm not 100% sure about the mechanics for this, so correct me if I'm wrong rather than warning me...


If your base attack speed is x, then at the cap you attack speed will become y = x/4.

The effect of 25% time scale will be to increase your attack speed by 25%, you have two items that each give 25% time scale, hence your final attack speed should be:


z = y/[(1.25)^2] = y/(1.5625)


Which is basically an increase in attack speed of 56.25% relative to the attack speed cap.

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Slight corrections to be made. Attack speed cap is +400%. Since "normal" speed is 100%, capping out will yield (Base_Delay/5). Beyond that, the end result is the same; divide your current attack cooldown by your composite Timescale value (in the case of two +25% bonuses added to a base of 100%, the composite value is 156.25% or 1.5625) to get your net effective attack delay. Also keep in mind that Timescale doesn't actually decrease your attack delay; it makes you count the seconds of that delay faster. This means that with a Timescale bonus, the tooltip for your attack speed won't change, but you'll still have an effectively higher attack rate. Like someone mentioned above, having Timescale is equivalent to a Bullet-time mode in an FPS game; just that instead of the world slowing down around you, you're speeding up relative to the rest of the world.


To put it in plain English, +25% Timescale means you get 25% more Attacks per Second (and, consequently, 25% more DPS). And they are cumulative so another +25% is 25% more than your already faster attack rate from the first 25%, not just 25% of your base. And, since it's not actually modifying your attack delay, the speed cap doesn't even come into play. So with both Masa full stacks and Yamato active, you're attacking (and moving, regenerating, channeling, and cooling down) at 56.25% faster than without them. Period.


To put in plain Esperanto, +25% Skalo de tempo signifas vi ricevas 25% pli Atakoj po Dua (kaj, konsekvence, la 25% pli DPS). Kaj ili estas tuteca tiel alia +25% estas 25% pli ol via jam rapida atako imposto de la unuaj 25%, ne nur 25% de via bazo. Kaj, pro tio ke ĝi ne estas vere modifi vian atakon malfruo, la rapido ĉapo eĉ ne venis en ludon. Do kun ambaŭ Masa plena piloj kaj Yamato aktiva, vi atakas (kaj movante, regeneri, kanaligi kaj malvarmigi sube) en 56,25% pli rapida ol sen ili. Periodo.

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No Midknight, Cap has been reduced from 500% to 400% few patches ago, so its +300%. The rest is as you say.


When I play heroes with base as=1.8, then I'm capped at 1.8 (-1.35) = 0.45.

1.8 * 3/4 = 1.35, with Masamune and Yamato you get 0.45 / 1.25 / 1.25 = 0.288 delay between attacks.

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