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(Per le psyght request)


(there are no images yet, i'll be back soon with the images of the jungle route)


(This is assuming you're taking the protoss route, just turn it 180 and you have the zerg, anyways)


Jungling. You know, the team ganker/super-farmer. And you're probably the team AA carry...


Firstly, the talents: You neeeeeeeeeed (emphasis on need) the Might, Lifesteal, and Armor talent. The rest are negligible (weapon speed, health + regen, veteran, haste, brilliance, zeal + swiftness are all different choices you can put in as needed).



Might adds +15 damage. This'll help clear them out faster.

Lifesteal adds 6% lifesteal- if you init with machete, you already have 9%.

The armor talent adds 8 armor- that's a lot of mitigation (usually around 20-23 armor to start compared to 12-15 which isn't too much).


The rest of them..

1. Weapon Speed/Haste: Leads to cruising early ganks as hardcore AA carries i.e. shadow or nova.

2. HP Boosts: Great for heroes with crap health to begin with like Nova or heroes who need it like Shadow.

3. Veteran: Great for early ganks as well, as you can easily outlevel the side lanes by many levels (3, 4 if you're great)

4. Zeal + Swiftness: Great all around in the game, you get +20% speed to initiate and at minimum +7% speed, plus a HP talent/HP Regen/Spell Resist to help you stay alive!



Now, the routes.


You can take 2 ways, pretty much:

1. Start at the long lane tank, then kill the closest then longest thor, then kill the firebat, siege tank, then gank short lane;

2. Start at the short lane tank, kill the firebat as well if you can without being caught/threatened, then kill your firebat inside the jungle, the thors, then the siege tank, then gank long lane;


Either way, you're either going to be useless or end up shopping, or GANKING. (Beware of Jakk.Summers post-6, hes kind of a beast at denying ganks ._.)


If you take a look at the money you get, you get:


1. 25 minerals(?) per Marauder. You have 5-6 camps with 2 each, so you get about 300 minerals off these guys.

2. 65 per siege tank. There's 2; that's 130.

3. 50 per firebat- there's one or two, so that's at least 50, max 100.

4. 85 per thor: There's 2. 170.


Add this up and you get: 700 about per run, with additional money from passive generation and ganking/aeon. That's a point- taking aeon is one of your key points if you can sneak it, or else you're going to deal the most damage to it when your team engages it.


Aeon is huge (especially in inhouse, where there's usually a long, drawn out fight over it) because that's +250 minerals you can use and probably a half-level if you're around 10.



Make sure to gank the lanes! Part of jungling is ganking. Great times are around levels 4, 6, and 9. Each time, you're going to be ahead of the enemy and have more skills in your arsenal plus better items due to having a free roam. Plus, it saves your team some stress and you're like the unknown assailant, especially with a phase cloak to cause enemies nightmares. ;)


And you can ninja their jungler as well, having a decent gank if you ward it, but highly risky and somewhat rewarding. I recommend to do this with a hurty or speedy rune, or else you could lose and potentially get jungle-snatched.



That is all...

Remember, key points:

1. Gank! GANKK!

2. Try and take aeon!

3. Spend wisely- you're going to be ahead in minerals!

4. Make sure your talents contain Might, Bloodthirst (Leech) and Integrity (Armor)!


Suggestions if you have them, post please.


Tips from Easy (down below):

1. Play the enemies- if they're long lane trying to push hard, then that's an easy gank. Take advantage of when they screw up.

2. Extra emphasis on sustain- lifesteal, sustainers, whatever keeps you alive!

3. Yeah, kill the marauders first :p

4. Kill feeders- they're easy money. (I can support that one ;P)

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Nice tips nuparu! I made a post in reply to psyght as well but his thread is kind of de railed and I'm assuming it will be locked eventually so I'll copy it here to add on.



Make sure you watch the mini map. Probably the most important thing when jungling. The lane you leave solo will normally have the enemies over extending and being greedy to pick off the solo-er


If you check the map lots you can spot these enemy fumbles easily and take a massive advantage when engaging. Comming from behind, catching them in the neutrals, forcing wards, you're a threat to every lane.


Ask your team to ping when they need a gank or need to shop. Communicating with your team and coordinating at the correct times is key. You do not want to being killing a Thor camp while your mid lane hero is under attack, help him and go back!


Play the opponents greed. For example, 1 of your top lane hero is low health. Mini map over so you can pay attention to their battle while getting neutrals, if you spot a chase or they're comming close to your side of the river, make your way over to make it a 3v2. A low health hero is still a big threat, yet a tasty morsel for the enemy team to make mistakes over. Utilize dat greeed.


Make sure you have sustain. Use vitalize, health potions, soul engine, talents, anything to make you last out in the wilderness. You only want to shop when you have enough bank for a decent item. Don't waste time healing when you can use so many different methods on the field.


Take out the marauders first. If you need to exit a neutral quickly to help a team mate, you don't want the slow from these guys.


Look for the feeder. Most pub games will have at least one feeder per team. You can make a lot of coins from these types of players, possibly even a rage quit. Just remember to protect your own teams feeder and to give them advice .

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When I play a jungle, I go for utility talent build. + Weapon Speed (or spell damage, if you are that kind of jungle), + max hp, +max energy, + movement, + starting minerals, teleport talent.


Allows you to open with Leeching Saber, Hp Pot, and Sentry Ward. Transport talent allows you to gank more (once I've hit so many creeps that my health is low/ have enough for strong item, I recall to base, buy item, transport to lane, gank, hit neutrals farther away from base. This way, you waste much less time back and forth, and your potential "gank without losing neutral opportunities" area is WAY bigger. Strong early game sets you up for a strong late game, and offence tree is not half as strong as it used to be when sprint effectively maxed your A.S. at level 1.

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