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Can someone post a recent up to date vorpal guide


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Tank Vorpal:


2x Buckler into electric mantle, shrapnel/spell buffer


Q, E, Q, W, max Q and W. Take ult whenever available


Farm waves with ult surge combo after lowering all creep hp to ~70%


get small hadron collider if necessary


have balls (go the flob in and tank like ur supposed to. die if you must)


Talents: 180hp, 8 armor, 13% movespeed, 12% CDR, 7% movespeed, Fortify active





Int Vorpal


Talents: +15 wpn damage, +5% spell damage, +180 hp, 8 armor, 12% CDR, 7% movespeed


Ihan if fed

Argus, Yamato, Nitrogen, Gravity if primary target has >2 spell resist items, SHC


wait until enemy clump together, usually after someone else on ur team engages. look for choke poitns on the map

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