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Lurker and the timescale ability


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Keep in mind that "Attack Speed" is a misnomer; the number isn't your rate of attack but the cooldown between attacks. "Attack Delay" is a better term. Now, what Timescale does is it makes time tick faster for your hero; all cooldowns (including AA cooldown) will go faster with more Timescale. You're delivering the same number of attacks per second, but you're counting those seconds faster. That's why it doesn't display an attack rate change; because, relative to your hero, he's attacking at the same speed he always has. It's just that, from his perspective, the world around him has slowed down. From everyone else's perspective, he's attacking faster because he's doing everything faster; attacking, moving, his abilities recharge faster, his channeling channels faster, his health and energy regen faster, he talks faster, his wristwatch is ticking faster, he looks almost cartoon-like. With particularly high Timescale values (easily attainable in test mode), you can easily see that even the hero's idle fidget animation goes very fast.

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Wait I thought old timescale used to let you break the cap, and new timescale was implemented to make that not happen anymore


At least that's what I remember from the patch notes way back lol


But it sounds like you would still break the cap if the clock is ticking faster, when at max attack speed


Does new timescale still let you break the attack speed cap?

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Cooldown Reduction was implemented to allow you to reduce cooldowns without dealing with old timescale issues like counter-balancing the accelerated time with reduced attack speed which still allowed you to surpass the speed cap with the right build. Most effects that would have been old timescale were replaced with CDR and very few effects were changed to new Timescale. It will still allow you to go past the speed cap, but it's so rare that it's generally a non-issue.

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Time scale (current) = old word of "time"


Cool down reduction = old word of "time scale"


It was changed to reduce the confusion and make it more clear on how they effect your hero.




If you have more time scale, your hero's cloak tick faster in compare to others. (or in other word, enemy hero will see you in sort of fast motions)


For example, if your hero attack 2 times per second, let's say your hero has a lot of time scale and the cloak is ticking at twice the speed compare to other player around you.


Your hero is still doing 2 attack per second; however, compare to others with normal cloak speed, you're doing 4 attack per second.


Same thing applies to HP/energy regeneration and everything else!


You can actually tell by looking at your hero when it's under effect of time scale. Every animation is faster. Take Drake for example, when he's under effect, you can see his cute tails swing faster! SOOOO CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!



The cool down reduction does what it says. It reduce your cool down.

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