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Changelog v1.11


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Read the Creep Wave Design Considerations here:






- Pineapple size slightly reduced.





- Cooldown increased to 5 minutes, up from 3.


Last Stand

- Cooldown decreased to 2.5 minutes, down from 3.




Lightning Rod

- Now deals 55 Spell Damage.


Electric Mantle

- Now grants 15% Spell Resist, up from 10%.

- Active effect no longer dispels on damage return.

- Now returns 150% True Damage, instead of 300% Spell Damage.

- Stun duration reduced to 2 seconds, down from 3.





- Nether Assasin cooldown decreased to 60/45/30, down from 70/60/50.

- Acid Strike cooldown decreased to 6 seconds, down from 10.

- Acid Strike now deals double damage to non-heroic units.



- Man'O War cooldown reduced to 90/75/60 seconds, down from 120/105/90.



- Devil Trigger Time bonus reduced to 20%, down from 30%.

- Judgement Cut range reduced to 5, down from 8.



- Psychic Web cooldown increased to 25/20/15, up from 12 seconds at all levels.

- Each charge of Ill Intent now grants +8/12/16/20%, down from 10/15/20/25%.



- Laser Turrets now have 250+20*LVL Health, up from 200+15*LVL Health.

- SCVs now deal 30% of Garamond's Weapon Damage, up from 25%.

- SCV damage now originates from Garamond.



- Hunting Movement Speed bonus increased to 10%, up from 5%.



- Transform now grants +3 Weapon Range, down from +4.

- Flight Mode height reduced to 2.5 units, down from 3.5.

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Gara's SCVs (sitting behind Gara) used to sometimes block spells (like Vorpal's javelin) from that perspective it is a nerf. Gara also used to lose them if stunned (say by Rancor) thus losing his 2x first attack for a second (until they rebuild). Coming from Gara might mean that there won't be 2x SCVs for first attack.


Bottom line: Marginal buff that will help Gara in early laning phase (creep + AA harassing heroes) but Ecko (or somone else knowledgable) needs to clarify the SCV reasoning/benefits.

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Fine.Brine OP? Now I have heard it all....

Meanwhile, SEA players were laughing when I told them that people on the forums found Brine UP... which is when I decided that it was pointless to try and bridge the regional differences.


Man, I don't wanna log on to SC2 anymore. I bet they'd flood me with PMs after the brine buff...

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I was just figuring out how to use Brine effectively and now you buff him. I'd say the double damage against non-heroic units is good, but 6 second cooldown is a little much, especially along with the nether assasin cooldown reduction is also good.


EDIT: Sweet mother of... he's pretty good now but he can't kill anyone but a squishy nova without a team, and maybe some of the casters (only if his ult is ready). I haven't played any good shadows yet. Although I did get owned by a zeratul, so my impression is that for jumpy characters like zeratul and balrog the Q buff isn't going to be too OP in a team fight since brine can only use it to deal damage over time and not in bursts, and jumps ignore movespeed.


He IS a really good counter to nova though!

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I could see Lightning Rod overpowered considering the 55 SPELL damage. Keep in mind, Hyperion Incinerator deals 45 WEAPON damage for 1650, and no other added effect. If you are to increase the weapon damage Lightning Rod deals then you should increase the cost as well. It would be fine sitting at 35 at its current cost.


Edit: Lightning Rod would be definitely better than Isomorphic Pyre in the early-mid game, considering Pyre would need at least a 1375 HP target to deal 55 spell damage. In addition, Lightning Rod costs less, and gives much needed spell resistance in the game. And finally, it steals energy, which would be ridiculously OP on Kerrigan considering there's 55 spell damage per bounce [this is no longer true], which is WAY more than the original damage the bounce should deal.

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I think they increase the cooldown of vitalize to indirectly " buff " Last stand : before , vitalize heal more than last stand give shield and shield is removed after some seconde while vitalize give permanent hp . It's my opinion why they increase Vitalize cd but im not sure its the official reason

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Lightning Rod very op now.... any hero with the slightest mana problems has infinite mana cost. For example, grunty has enough energy to use shotgun, on the lower levels, after a single attack. It is also stronger against most heroes than physical 55 damage, since no one builds spell resist, and everyone builds armor. Electric Mantle now deserves a separate discussion. Nova is weak now (Before the patch, I have been able to 1v1 her with most aa heroes, don't know what all the comunity was boiiing about and calling "OP!!!!!", but I guess anything that appeases the community and is not a nerf to my two favorite OP heroes (Darpa, Zeratul) works for me. The only thing that was actually strong was the cloak, and I don't see that nerfed. The ult is imo, the worst active ult in the game, not because it's weak, but because you need to be in melee range for it... not something easy for nova, without burning her escape move. The ult cooldown doesn't matter in the least, against competent players, you are not going to get an opportunity to get in melee range more often than the current cooldown, so it makes little difference). If scv's proc item effects, I can already see the massive spell leech builds from Pyre, Lightning Rod,Timewalkers, double sfg, and Nitrogen Retrofit or the like. WIth the nerf to vitalize, the standard 0/11/14 build also got the deserved nerf bat hit, however, I want to see offence tree buffed, and buffed majorly.

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