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Movement speed + cooldown reduction item?


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Hey guys


I don´t knew if it was suggested before,

but what´s about an item which reduces cooldown and improves your movement speed?


Because by playing an INT hero like Cyprus im always like:

I need movement speed and i need cooldown reduction,

but there is no cheap cooldown r. item at all, dunno

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Urm, Yamato Reactors timescale ability has a "long" cooldown... i´m thinking about a permanent buff. What´s this SHC?


Item which let's you blink and stun on impact. Small hadron Collider, upgrade from Warp Shard.


It is the only item giving passive Timescale. Masamune gives it on hit,Twin and Yamato have Cooldown being Active.

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Hmm, but 6% Timescalefor like 4000 minerals does not seem like much, i mean its still a pretty good item, but not for my use.


I suggest an item for like 2000 minerals which gives >only movement speed + cd reduction</timescale, that would be really nice (maybe + some int/str or so).

you want a miracle???
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for 2000 15% movespeed and cooldown reduction is absurd.


To put in into perspective:


move speed bonus from arcbound ravager (highest in teh game) is 10%, for 3900 or so.

Cool down reduction from chilling artifact is 20% 2925


Therefore, if you are wanting an item that grants movement speed and cooldown reduction of 15% each, you would be looking at a cost of around 3200, cheapest by my estimates.


Furthermore, this item would be -ok- but not particularly awesome in a build, therfore you would want it o have some int too to make it useful So say 50 intel.


Now the cost is looking more like 4000 or so.


Just my two cents on it.

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I sort of agree with him actually that it would be nice to have a movement speed INT item besides gravity edge.

If you think about it most casters have low base movement speed, and AA heros get boosts from things like Archbound, FOE, Phantom menace, Agressors, sliptide etc to make it impossible to run from them.

It would be nice to have a version of "arcbound" that was more movement + INT for casters, since they dont need weapon speed or crits, but could use int and movement. Whether or not it also gave CDR would have to be balanced against the cost, but I dont see why a 3600 item couldnt be made thats 10% movement, 10-20% CDR and like 20-40 INT


I know that yamato/twin para is good in a pinch for running, but you usually want to save that for casting your spells, and outside of them there are only 2 other Timescale items, 1 of which is a terrible idea to get on a caster (marasume), and while SHC is awesome for getting out of tight spots, Its not really that helpful to my overall casting build compared to the Item I just proposed. Its very rare that I want to warp in on top of someone as a caster (not counting jackson or vergil) so the stun is actually neglidgible and im better off keeping the base warp shard and spending the extra 2-3k on other items.


So yeah

3600 10% movement 10-20% CDR 20-40 INT would be nice for most casters


Altho boros/tassadar/drake etc would kill for this... so I can see this ending horribly too :P


But given the sheer number of movement items AA heros get, and the fact that casters only really have 1, it seems fair

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