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[Hero] Scientific.Yasaka


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- Began creation ^-^


Name: Scientific.Yasaka

Portrait: Archon

Unit Base: Archon

Type: STR//Caster//Support

Script: Yasaka is a mountain god who loves science. In her remote location, there is nearly no technology where she tries to make the new step into improving science to enhance her allies and crush her enemies. Her magic powers are also un matched to any originary Hero, and mixed with her craving for science (Even tho she is an ametuer scientist), she uses both to slay her stop her enemies. [based off of Kanako,Yasaka, Altho my information about her is very limited as I don't really know much about her besides the "Mountain god and Science parts".


Starting Stats:

Base Health 300

300Movement Speed 2.65

Attack Range – 1.25

Attack Speed – 2

Base Damage – 49

Attack Name | Animation - Science Smash

Base Armor 3

Strength – 28 + 6

Agility – 16 + 3

Intelligence – 24 + 5




Heroic Passive: Science Dance!

"Yasaka loves science and can do a science dance. This causes her to gain +30% Physical//Spell Resist and 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds every time she loses 20% her Max Hp in under 1 second. This buff can stack 3 times. Each stack gain does not refresh the stacks."


Effect: This kinda works like the old Nullifer. This ability is basicly her way to rscape enemies. Note: Everytime she loses 20% her max hp or more, the trigger will give the buff and the damage ratio will be set back to 0%, so if you did 50% her max hp wit on burst, she will only gain 1 stack, and you would have to do another 20% her max hp for another stack.



Her Science Dance






Ability One: Science of Nuclear Power

"Yasaka is very interested in nuclear power. She can give nuclear power to an ally, buffing them, or give to much nuclear power to an enemy, debuff them for 6 seconds Debuff on enemy causes said enemy to damage his allies and himself in a 5-unit radius and lowering movement speed. Can not target yourself."

Energy Cost: 130//160//190//220

Cooldown: 50//45//40//35

Range: 6


Level 1: Grants Debuff immunity on ally and 5% Physical//Spell Resist. Deals 20[+15%INT] Spell Damage per second and slows movement speed by 20% for 1 second.

Level 2: Grants Debuff immunity on ally and 15% Physical//Spell Resist. Deals 30[+15%INT] Spell Damage per second and slows movement speed by 25% for 1 second.

Level 3: Grants Debuff immunity on ally and 20% Physical//Spell Resist. Deals 40[+15%INT] Spell Damage per second and slows movement speed by 30% for 1 second.

Level 4: Grants Debuff immunity on ally and 25% Physical//Spell Resist. Deals 50[+15%INT] Spell Damage per second and slows movement speed by 35% for 1 second.


Effect: A very strong ability. This is countered by the fact it is low ranged and high cooldown//energy cost. It is definately a life saver or a major chasin ability. Debuff immunity can be thought of as radiation burning off the debuffs and to much radiation on enemy causes them to slowly die from radiation posioning.




Ability Two: Viper Bites [Passive]

"Yasaka has venom of a snake, posioning her enemies she Auto-attacks, lowering their Weapon damage by a % per auto attack for 2 secs. Stacks up to 7 times and refresh every time a new stack is applied."

Energy Cost: None

Cooldown: None

Range: None


Level 1: Lowers Weapon damage by 4% per stack [Linearly].

Level 2: Lowers Weapon damage by 6% per stack [Linearly].

Level 3: Lowers Weapon damage by 8% per stack [Linearly].

Level 4: Lowers Weapon damage by 10% per stack [Linearly].






Ability Three: Onbashira Smash

"These magic like pillars smash her opponent causing them to take spell damage and be stunned for 1 seconds in a AoE 2 unit Radius. 1 Second channel, and 0.5 second delay to impact after channel. Can be used in 3 quick sessions. "

Energy Cost: 60//70//80//90

Cooldown: 15 [CD intervals: 3]

Range: 8


Level 1: Deals 40[+30%int] Spell Damage

Level 2: Deals 70[+30%int] Spell Damage

Level 3: Deals 100[+30%int] Spell Damage

Level 4: Deals 130[+30%int] Spell Damage


Effect: Harassment stun ability. Spammable, but not stunlockable because of 3 second interval cooldowns.




Ultimate Ability: Magical Science!

"Yasaka uses her knowledge of science and magic to temporarily create a stregthened shield around her, causing enemies to take Spell damage in a 3-unit radius from her as long as she has the shields. The shields come from science while she magically formed it together. These shields last until she has 0 shields or until she 10 seconds have past."

Energy Cost: 150//200//250

Cooldown: 50//40//30

Range: Self


Level 1: Deals 50[+30%int] Spell Damage per seconds. Gives shields equal to 200[+100%int]+10%Max Hp.

Level 2: Deals 75[+30%int] Spell Damage per seconds. Gives shields equal to 350[+100%int]+15%Max Hp.

Level 3: Deals 100[+30%int] Spell Damage per second. Gives shields equal to 500[+100%int]+20%Max Hp.


Effect: Her tanky // spell damage ability.




Additional Information

Suggested Build: Nitrogen, Super heated mantle, Eletrical Mantle, Yamato Reactor, Shrinky Ray, Galactic Defender. This is kinda a full hybrid build. Nitrogen for spell slow, suepr heated mantle for aoE damage, Mantle for tankyness, Yamato for speed spell damage and little hp, shrinkray to lower weap damage on enemy along with passive [and little attack speed], and galactic defender for decent AA damage and Shields on Final. Probably not the best suggested build, but the first one that pops into mind. Kinda a stange comp








Closing statement

Thanks for reading

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