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Has anyone ever pulled off AA unix?


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Totally random, but I know a LOT of people like to troll build/ try out crazy builds, so I was curious if anyone had managed to run a game as an AA based unix, and not suck horribly.


Would love to see a replay


Would def make for a crazy challenge...



Obviously you could still use your spells, I just mean gear wise you build for AA, and fight using your AA with your spells

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To pull of an AA unix would require them to be fighting an incredibad team, no matter how good the unix player was.


I figure as much too, but its just one of those things you would never expect to see, so I was curious if someone had made it work before.

There are a lot of heros you can build to fill other roles than the norm, hes one of the few that just seems impossible.

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Coat of Arms would work great on unix. maybe use his passive slow to trap enemies?

Treat him like an MK? Hmm, like where your heads at ;)

Fugal + marines with COA add in a korpal/spell buffer to make them more durable / dominion standard for more speed

Or forgo the second buff for a shrapnel cloak, to make it easier to fight AA

archbound khali shard and FOE for remaining or something like that to fit the AA plan


Fungal is like 3/4 seconds of no move or attack if i remember right, and shrapnel adds another 3 no attack

With marine box you can stop movement even after fungal

It could be doable I suppose, 6/7 seconds is a long time


Would probably be more fun than lurking around and ulting all game if you could make it work and youd def confuse the crap outta people



threw this together in TM, crits for about 215 base, if you had ihan it would be around 240 or so

weapon damage is like 270ish but would be around 315 with ihan


with marines, mauls an obelisk in about 7-9 seconds, which isnt terrible

if you get low you can always ult and pop haste, still has about 175 int native, so 235 with ihan

about 3k hp without ihan


not saying this build is "good" but I think it could be doable


Didnt think about it before but BMH would work super well here dude to his burrow and marines (thx eliwan)


with BHM mauls obelisk in about 4-5 seconds, pop 1 marine to keep procing on pretty much every hit

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I used to do it all the time, you know, before the Ui got screwed over and i left to play dota 2, but thats not the point, i am not messing up this topic. Aa unix is surprisinly good because of his skills, all of them are great carry skills except for ultimate if you know how to use them. I went 9-1 before the game ended, but sadly this was awhile ago so i have no replay.

The build i would go was Durans Pendant for early mana, because you have offensive traits, so you doesnt have good mana/mana regen. Then i would go Gluttons Bite for early leech and damage, Contamination Shard to boost Infested Terran damage, and the 60 damage early is nice, Coat of Arms for some hp, and to make Its attack faster, Sunflare Gun for leech and burst damage to hurt somebody quickly, Force Of Entropy for hp and slow, even though you can already prevent them from escaping, Arcbound Ravager for the weapon speed, and crit chance, and finally upgrade to Darwins Might for hp and more Leech.

His skills work great for this because q is an escape/ ganking tool, the fungal can easily decimate with damage early game and it also lets you stop them, and do some basic attacks, and finally Infested Terrans make great walls to stop somebody from escaping, and provide dps for fights.

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Hmm interesting thoughts legacy


I tried it out for a game, but I should def get shard sooner to help marines, still worked pretty welll till late game, altho that may have been bc of pretty solid team


I tried ocelots first into COA. thinking i could marine and aa to proc alot (was way harder than expected to micro and time tho bc casting marines canceled aa and lost target lock)

but shard into COA would prob make for far more marine kills


fungal and marines is a lot of damage

used ult more if i was loosing a fight than anything, or to save a teammate

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Akanna, when i did it, i usually did it with somebody i knew could play lord z because the ring will hold them in for enough time for rines to hatch, then you fungal right before it will end. They will die stupidly fast

New op laners, Aa Unix and Lord Z

I found i needed gluttons because i needed some sustain...

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what about SHC? After fungal u can jump behind the target and use your heroic to cut his escape path and slow him even more. I met unix 2 or 3 times in pub who was abusing his heroic pretty well. It requires some good micro to cut the path and during it spam new marines and AA

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Rush coa and then rush levi. You can literally get levi as soon as you get the coa. Pretty much the same logic as mkp. I think i got levi at level 9 or 10.


CoA, Korhal, and Spell Buffer, plus raw int are not bad for a marine focused build as an aura mule where you kinda just sit in the back and fire off marines and fungals, but the only AA build that I have found really works I have found is the one that exploits his heroic passive. That is why in addition to getting the super slow offenive combo of pyre, timesplitter, nitrogen refit, and force of entropy, you also get DST and impact dial for evasion which combined with sticky trail means it is really hard to nail him down.


You also have somehting like 5k health and 50 armor (timesplitter gives a lot of armor, plus you get some from dst, and impact dial), and since you start off impact dial, ihan, and nitrogen refit, you have a good standard early game with unix using his ultimate for kills before the other team buys tasers/lockboxes, and other counters that will make a pure int unix build less effective.


The great thing about this build is it has a nice transition from standard Unix play to AA play and that heroes cannot escape your attacks without a blink as you can always maintain chase (even with a blink you can usually maintain chase with impact dial). And if they turn around and start attacking you with better AA gear you can just kite all day long. Kiting a fully geared shadow with this build is extremely funny as the shadow player of course vortexes you to close the distance, then you juke (move on direction and then quickly the other to sticky him) and impact dial away, then kite him to death or just fungal and ult to finish.

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